Big Brother #23 — Another Week, Another HoH (8/8/21)

Big Brother 23 fans!  It’s another week of an entertaining season.  Just when you think you know the floaters, everything changes.  My one concern is that this group can’t get their mentality away from teams and on to playing for themselves.  They spent four weeks scheming to take their team to the finale without realizing that there are other alliances and other agendas afoot.  Will the teams win or will new alliances form and take control of the game?  The only alliance that seems solid going into the no teams HoH is the Cook-Out.  Let’s face it though – at least Tiffany and Xavier are using the alliance to protect themselves.

HoH Competition

An Endurance Competition is hard but the wall has to be one of the worse.  When the show went to feeds, no one has fallen.  In the opening, we were reminded of the Royal Flush and Cook-Out and how Tiffany is running the Cook-Out. 

As the Endurance Competition starts, “rain” falls and the boat tilts forward. Christian’s diary room is cock as he talks safety yet he wants Alyssa to win.  Xavier in Diary Room tells us he doesn’t want to win because he’s “good” with everyone.  Alyssa sees this as “her” competition (confident, really).

Derek F.’s diary room runs similar about winning but he’s the first one off.  Maybe he should be glad as the rain gets colder and the “passenger” (figures) start throwing up (green vomit).  Tiffany’s Diary Room is about Alyssa while Azah’s is worried about the cold.  Claire’s Diary Room is about waiting but she says, “I don’t need it” and off she goes.  Sarah Beth feels safe and goes out as does Hannah.  Kyland is not happy with the way the boat is leaning and he’s down (of course the Cook-Out still has members remaining).  Britini wants the HoH but the wall’s tilting makes her fall.  Tiffany, who is still up,  says that Alyssa is her worry and she won’t fall until Alyssa does. 

As the game goes on, it comes down to Derek X., Tiffany, Alyssa, Xavier, and Azah, who is struggling and who goes down.  Christian (Diary Room) feels good since all those left are members of the Royal Flush.  Derek X. (Diary Room) wants all the control.  Tiffany falls and is upset because scared of Alyssa.  Xavier makes a deal with Derek X. so he’s “slipping.”  Now Alyssa asks for safety, but Derek X. only gives it to her.  Alyssa (Diary Room) says she can’t let go but Azah and Tiffany are willing her to fall .  Down goes Alyssa leaving Derek X and Xavier.  So far this comp has run an hour, 24 minutes.  Xavier and Derek X. trash talk but Xavier makes sure he is safe before “falling.”  Derek X. promised not to put Xavier up.  Derek X and Hannah celebrate but Xavier, during the congratulations, urges Derek X. to keep the Kings safe (see what I mean about teams?).

After the Competition

Alyssa feels good about Derek X. winning.  The Royal Flush is safe!  She doesns’t think Derek X. will take a shot at the King’s team but take an easy route.  Alyssa is feeling sorry for herself though because she fell (why?).  Later, Derek X and Hannah celebrate in the Storage Room (why is that the celebration center).  Hannah knows that Sarah Beth wants her out but Derek tells her that Xavier wants the King’s safe.  Xavier meanwhile talks to Christian about the competition.  Alyssa has known that the only way to be safe is to stay on the wall. 

Sarah Beth realizes she has some fences to mend with Hannah.  Before the HoH, Sarah Beth has talked to Hannah but Hannah is too smart and doesn’t buy Sarah’s apology.  Sarah Beth thinks she has bough herself a few weeks.  Meanwhile Christian feels secure but Derek X. is talking to Tiffany about the deals.  Tiffany wants a King gone and feels they haven’t respected anyone’s other than their team (she is right but they have the numbers and players to win).  Derek X. thinks Christian is the biggest threat in the house and wants him gone.  If Christian remains, Derek X. will be his target so Derek X. must backdoor Christian. When Derek X. talks to Tiffany, Hannah is listening and the Royal Flush is mentioned.  Hannah gets information from Derek X and then more from Tiffany.  Hannah is not dumb.  She has lost some of her trust in Tiffany.  Hannah stores the information for later use.

Derek F. and Azah has a friendship but Derek F. is worried about Azah because she just doesn’t understand the game.  She never says yes or smiles.  Azah tries smile but it seems awkward.  In Diary Room we learn she doesn’t feel that attitude is right for the real world.  Later Xavier talks about how Derek F. manages to sleep everywhere in the house and all the time.  Derek F. knows they make fun of him and laughs over it.

Derek X. holds meetings to decide who goes up.  Xavier feels that the Royal Flush should be safe as well as the Kings, his former team (at least he said former).  Derek X. is trying to justify putting up a King but Xavier doesn’t understand (duh! Derek X. wants to win).  Xavier is wants Christian to be safe (as a shield for himself).  Xavier wants Britini up.  Sarah Beth is asked the same questions and wants the Flush safe.  Sarah wants Tiffany or Kyland up (to help Derek X, sure).  Did she just throw her Flush team under the bus.  Derek X. is thinking of Sarah Beth as a pawn.  These meetings continue but no one really wants to be a pawn.  Finally, Derek X. fills Hannah in on what he thinks.  Hannah’s target is Sarah Beth but is okay with Christian as the target.  They discuss Britini and Sarah Beth which is the way Derek X. is leaning.  Christian will be the blindside.  Derek X. does tell us he has no clue on what to do – offend the Royal Flush or make a big move!


Derek X. holds the nomination ceremony and puts up Sarah Beth and Britini.  The Royal Flush looks worried.  These two are nominated because of trust.  They are the best for his game to keep people’s trust.  Sarah Beth is upset at Derek X. taking a shot at the Royal Flush.  Britini is upset but wants to win the POV and shove it in others face.  Derek X. says it is the best way to get Christian on the block and if not Sarah Beth could go.  Christian (in his superior role as leader) doesn’t understand why a Royal Flush member is up.  Hey, Christian!  Wise up!  At some point all alliances must turn on themselves to win that money.

So, who will win the Power of Veto (non-feed watchers will be surprised)?  Will a nominee come off the block?  Will Christian go up?  Is the Royal Flush doomed?  One thing for sure, we have had an interesting season and people are scrambling which makes for an entertaining show.

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