Big Brother #23 — And the Show Just Keeps Giving (8/11/2021)

Who is in for a wild episode of Big Brother?  With all the “players” who have come to play this year, the year is shaping up to be interesting to say the least.  I know some people are upset because it hasn’t been like the recent past but long term viewers are used to this type of scheming and that is what makes the show entertaining.  So, just for a reminder, Derek X. won the competition and put Britini up for the third (or more) time as a nominee along with Sarah Beth.  And  Sarah Beth thought she was safe due to her alliances with Derek X.  Guess she (and some others) don’t understand that teams no longer matter.

The Nomination Aftermath

With the nominations locked, it will be up to the Power of Veto contest to decide if one goes home.  Before that, the houseguests still must strategize and celebrate their luck (or lack of luck).  Now, we must remember that Alyssa was promised safety on the wall but it was only for her.  Xavier tried to save the Kings but Derek X. wasn’t happy with that.  Derek X. says he thought of putting up Christian but couldn’t do that before Power of Veto.  Thus, Sarah Beth (Hannah’s hope) and Britini are up for eviction. 

The show opens with the end of Nominations.  Britini looks sad but Sarah Beth wants to cry.  Derek X. tells us that both the nominees are pawns.  His target is really Christian.  Sarah Beth immediately runs to Kyland.  Is that another showmance?  Derek F. goes to comfort Britini and tells her to take a deep breaths.  She is tired of going up and plan to win the veto.  Meanwhile the Kings are meeting to discuss who should have gone up and Xavier is pushing for a Joker to go.  Christian and Xavier seem unaware that teams are no more.  Sarah Beth knows that the Kings will fight for her (they want Derek F. up). 

Sarah Beth, in sunglasses, goes to talk with Derek X. but neither say a word.  Heart shaped sun glasses, really.  Sarah Beth is really talking nonsense in the Diary Room.  Finally Derek X. lets her know that she’s not the target.  He tells her that if she hadn’t gone up, he would have lost the respect of the Jokers.  Sarah Beth asks who is going home.  He tells her it won’t be a Joker but another King and Christian’s name comes up.  She’s not shocked that Derek X. is taking a shot at Christian but questions timing.

Later, Alyssa, Xavier and Christian show up.  Derek X. tells them that Sarah Beth isn’t the target and targeting the Jokers.  His choices were a compromise.  He chose Britini to keep the other Jokers happy.  He tells the Royal Flush that Britini is the target.  Xavier pushes for it to be another Joker if Sarah Beth comes off.  In Diary Room, Christian understands but sees it as problematic.  Can we say the Royal Flush is flushed (bad pun, I know).  Meanwhile, the missing member, Sarah Beth, knows that Christian is going up but she’s having to lie and play it cool where Alyssa is concerned.  With that possibility, Alyssa has to be the last to know. 

Derek X. calls everyone to pick players for veto.  Poor Azah is always walking/falling over something or someone (Xavier).  Derek X. does not want Christian picked.  Derek’s pick is Alyssa.  Alyssa does want to win to save Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth wants Kyland but gets Claire.  Britini gets the final pick and doesn’t want Kyland but gets him. Derek X. is happy that Christian wasn’t picked.    

Power of Veto Game

The backyard looks like a workout area.  Claire is excited.  This is the Kingdom of Card-A-Lot.  It’s the prize swap game.  They use exercise equipment to beat each other.  Derek X. wants Britini to win.  Sarah Beth wants off the block.  Britini is determined to after being on the block so much.  Alyssa wants it to go on her resume and get her teammate off the block.  They must do a butt bump for a minute and build a score.  Claire realizes she is safe and throws the comp.  Her initial prize is the Power of Veto (but not for long).  Next, the butt bump goes for two minutes and Sarah Beth is eliminated but gets $5,000 which she keeps (and gets questioning looks from all).  Sarah Beth knows that Britini is still in the game and would take it away giving her a punishment.  Next up is “burn those booties (rotating the exercise chair).  Kyland loses and gets the 52-Card pick-Up prize.  He takes the veto (to use on Sarah Beth).  Next up another round of “burn those booties” which Derek X. who needs it but loses.  He must dress as a donkey and make club sandwiches.  Derek X. takes the veto so Kyland must make sandwiches.  Derek X. didn’t have the heart to take the $5,000 from Sarah Beth.  Alyssa and Britini now head for the Annihilator.  Helmets on, they must run laps while the machine counts.  Britini beats Alyssa who gets dizzy.  In the Diary Room, Alyssa she says she is frustrated.  Her prize is a new smart phone and laptop.  She gets a phone call and, if she lasts for four weeks, a video call from home.  She keeps the prize.  Britini gets “Lord of the Latrine” but immediately takes Derek X.’s PoV reward.  Sarah Beth isn’t happy but she knows that Christian is going up and home . Derek X. sees it as the best-case scenario and ends with “Adios Christian.”

Post Power of Veto

Derek X. arrives in his costume and props.  For 24 hours, he must open the downstairs bathroom for anyone who needs to go because he has the “power of the potty.”  He’s dressed in a Renaissance costume (complete with herald horn and plunger) and must announce “Lord/Lady ____ is on the porcelain throne.”  Tiffany tells us that he’s taking the role seriously.  Derek F. is upset because no one needs to know when he’s in the bathroom.  Hannah meanwhile loves to make Derek X. do this.  If the announcement isn’t loud, he is called out by Big Brother. 

Before the PoV Ceremony, Derek X. wants to talk to Alyssa. If you watch the feeds, you know he was told by others not to do this.  He wants to give her a heads up (since she threw the HoH comp to him), that Christian is going up.  Of course she is upset which sends her running to tell  Christian and the Royal Flush.  Let’s face it!  If he leaves, her showmance is done.  Her argument is that the rest are coming or Derek X. (No, Christian and Xavier are coming for Derek X.).  Xavier admits in Diary Room that Christian is a bigger target and his shield.  Xavier’s next target is Derek X.  Christian calls Derek X. an idiot who should have left last week.  Christian seems to forget that Derek X. is good at comps he wants/needs to win.  Welcome to a blindside, Christian.  Sarah Beth worried about Derek X.  All but Sarah Beth pushes for Derek F. to go.  She tells us in Diary Room that for her game, Christian needs to be beside her and go home. 

Later, Xavier and Christian talk.  Xavier tells Christian that he’s probably going home.  He’s going to have to fight to stay.  Christian tells us that he is in the worse position.  He doesn’t care that he’s put others in the same position. 

Before the veto, he corners Derek X. in the Storage Room and dictates what he should do.  Christian comes across as a thug, telling Derek X. to stick to the plan and put up Derek F.  Christian dictates what will be best for Derek X.’s game (keeping him there).  Derek X. is worried about his game.  I’d have Christian thrown out for threats!

Power of Veto Ceremony

Britini calls all in for the PoV Ceremony and Big Brother ends.  Well, so much happened this week, they need to store things up for tomorrow.  Live Feeders and readers of Joker’s Update and Hamsters know what happens.  Tune  in tomorrow to see the other two punishments, the PoV results and the scheming/whining that goes on (hint there folks).  Will Christian’s threats change the nominations?  Whom will go home against Sarah Beth or will the votes flip?  It has been an interesting week in the house to say the least.

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