Big Brother 23: And the End of an Exciting Week (8/12/21)

Big Brother will see the end of Derek X.’s reign tonight.  He has had one of the more interesting HoH turns and unfortunately, I don’t think we will get to see ALL that happened.  Live-feeders know that last night Tiffany, with Xavier’s help, tried to flip (change) the vote so Christian would stay.  Christian, in his delusion, still made promises from his team to stay, and a blowup happened with the Cook-Out.  Will the Cook-Out survive?  Will the Royal Flush lose more than one member?  Is there a new showmance on the horizon?  Is Tiffany’s game exposed (she overplayed last night and continued into today)?  Well, we won’t find out all the answers on Big Brother tonight but we may get a few.

Power of Veto Ceremony/Introduction

Will Big Brother have time for a recap after Julie’s introduction?  Of course, Julie promises the biggest move ever before the recap.  It is very short and does show Alyssa and Derek X.’s meeting then to the veto.  Christian demands Derek X. to “stick with the plan” in Diary Room.  Oh, and tonight a new twist is announced – the High Roller Room.  Okay really?

Julie announces “to backdoor or not to backdoor.  (Wait!  Haven’t I used that?    We move into Britini’s veto meeting.  She uses the Power of Veto on herself.  Derek X. must name a new house guest – namely Christian.  Christian wants Derek F. up but brave herald Derek X. sticks to his move and puts up an angry Christian (with a sad Alyssa looking on).  Derek X. tells Christian that he’s a big threat and with that the meeting is over. 

In Diary Room, Christian calls Derek X. a coward.  He’s not happy with the backdoor but he’s the great Christian and is going to do what he must to stay.  Derek X. in Diary Room tells us that all has been perfect (patience Derek X, things can get worse).  in Derek X.’s opinion, Christian’s exit is best for pre-jury.  Sarah Beth doesn’t need to campaign because Christian will end up campaigning against himself.  Alyssa later asks Christian what he will do as Derek F. offers a hug.  Derek F. tells us that he has to check-in with the Jokers and Cook-Out before he makes a decision.

Christian calls for Derek X. to open the bathroom.  Christian immediately starts in on Derek X. about Sarah Beth throwing him under the bus.  Here to stick his nose in is Xavier.  So Christian starts in with half-truths to stay.  Xavier agrees with Christian.  Julie comes back and talks (finally) about the crack in the biggest alliance left, the Cook-Out. 

After commercial, Claire is called to the Diary Room for her card costume.  It’s a card unitard and fairy tale crown.  When the command is given, she must play “52 Card Pick-up”.  Kyland gets called for his punishment.  As the “Jackass of Clubs,” he’s dressed in a donkey costume and must make complicated club sandwiches for all.  (Yes, even the “have-nots.”)  In Diary Room, he tells us the first time took an hour and a half. 

Tiffany talks to Christian and tells him that she’s sorry he is up and that Sarah Beth has been too “relaxed.”  Christian is worried about Claire but Tiffany will get her vote.  Tiffany’s goal is to keep him safe (for her sake).  Christian tries to figure out his guaranteed votes.  He thinks he has at least four (the Royal Flush and Britini). Tiffany knows he doesn’t have what he needs to stay and “it tugs on her heart” that people are lying.  (This is Big Brother Tiff, get over it and don’t ruin your game).  She goes to talks to the Jokers to get them to vote to keep Christian.  Tiffany uses that she’s being pushed for her vote.  Britini swears she doesn’t know where her vote is going and Derek F. and Azah are seeing Britini as being bullied.  Derek F. is so sick of Tiff that he wants out of the Cook-Out.  He also says in Diary Room, he doesn’t like being talked to like Tiffany does.  He only listens to his mother and God when he makes decision and he’s tired of his team telling him what to do.  Derek F. tells Azah that Tiffany isn’t playing as a team but for herself.

Tiffany goes and tells Christian that he really needs three votes because the Jokers want him gone.  (NEWS FLASH TIFFANY:  THE TEAMS ARE DONE!)  Christian just can’t understand because he thinks the Royal Flush and one vote is all he needs.  Tiffany is surprised by his reaction.  In Diary Room, she admits that keeping Christian is best for her game (please someone – wake her up).  Tiffany talks to Xavier about how she hurts that Christian is leaving.  She’s getting too demanding and upsetting the Cook-Out because she wants Sarah Beth gone.  In Diary Room, she tells us with Alyssa and Xavier, only two votes are needed.  She plans to make it happen.  She turns to Claire (who doesn’t trust the Royal Flush) and then goes for Britini (using Christian as a decoy). When her scheme fails, she storms off to see Xavier who is with Hannah and starts complaining (and cussing).  Xavier and Hannah look at each other saying:  “We’ve got to keep the Cook-Out together.)

The Eviction Vote

Julie offers the two victims (I mean evictees) a chance to sway the votes.  Christian is first thanking his friends and talking about his friendship/trust of Alyssa.  He promises to be fair if he stays and not take anything personal (or be a cry baby, yeah right).  Sarah Beth talks to her family, upset because she was beside a teammate, and promises objectivity.  Julie jokes about a jury twist (which isn’t happening).  Hannah is first with a vote to evict Christian.  As the rest file in, we see it won’t be unanimous this week.  The final votes are 7 to 2 to evict Christian with Xavier and Alyssa wanting him to stay.  What!  Tiffany didn’t vote for her guy!

After good-byes (and a long kiss for Alyssa), Christian exits to talk to Julie.  He wants to be with Alyssa after the show.  Julie admits that he fought hard to stay and gives him an A+ for effort.  She asks if he knows why he didn’t have the votes.  Christian admits it was his record of wins.  Julie shares that in The Royal Flush, Derek X. was gunning for Christian due to his winning record.  Christian tells Julie he should have taken Derek X. out with the same shot last week.  Christian’s final thought:  he had the opportunity.  He came to play and make good friends and he has.  More with him later and the goodbye messages will be shared on Paramount+.  The show is running long.

America’s Choice

In the Living Room, Julie announces that all are on the jury at this point but there is a new twist.  Beginning with next week, there will be a “High Rollers Room” opening at the Beach House.  America will vote with the top three getting $100 BB bucks, the next three $75, and the final getting $50.  The room will have three casino games with three game changing powers (taking yourself off the block, second veto?, and slipping the power to a favorite.  Of course, no idea yet on how these work.  EAch week, the room will open but the players don’t have to play.  They can bank their money for a better prize.  The better the power, the more it costs to play.  We can vote by texting our house guests name to 97979. 

On Sunday we will learn the new HoH and the nominees.  The High Rollers Room doors will open.  Who will gamble?  Now more importantly, we need to know can the Cook-Out be salvaged?  Will Tiffany lose it again?  With Kyland and Sarah be the next showmance?  Sunday is only three days away or get the live-feed and updates! 

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