Big Brother: Another Week, Another Scheme (8/15/21)

So Big Brother is down to jury!  We’ve seen the players leave one by one.  First HoH was a riot as Frenchie had too many alliances except with evictee, Travis.  Then one by one, Brent and Whitney left.  Big Brother also saw the end of the only (so far) showmance with Christian shown the door.  The Slaughterhouse, Butchers, and Royal Flush all have taken hits.  Thankfully, Julie did away with teams Thursday and said everyone is playing for him/her/themselves.  Unfortunately, you can say ‘no more teams,’ but still teams exist.  That’s what we’re getting this week as Xavier is keeping his shield.  Tiffany is in control of Claire while Sarah Beth is under Kyland’s wing.  The only one getting a clue is Derek X. which Britini has clues.  We need the Cook-Out to turn on each other and make it interesting but except for a few cracks, Big Brother probably will not see that this year.

HoH Game

Big Brother had so much to show last Thursday that we didn’t get the HoH.  The game was played later Thursday night and called “Name That Croon.”  The backyard has musical instruments in it.  The BB Lounge is open.  Each with pair off, hear a BB tune that  if about a games they have played.  If the answer is wrong, they are out, and the winner will pick the next pair.  In the Diary Room, Tiffany says she wants to win so bad but as long as a Cook-Out wins it is fine.  By the way, Derek X. is a great host.  The game sees players leave until only the Cook-Out alliance remains.  In Diary Room, Azah is bitter as she tells us she lost because Kyland played for himself.  Final round is Kyland and Tiffany after Xavier threw the competition (on purpose).  Tiffany thinks that this is her competition but once again she blows it and Kyland wins.  Kyland is happy but not happy.  Azah and Tiffany really want it and are mad that Kyland had to win.

After the competition, Tiffany tells us that she’s upset because Kyland won’t put up Sarah Beth while Azah is in tears because he will put up Britini.  Xavier is trying to keep the Cook-Out together but it is hard.  Maybe if Xavier would allow his shield to go up it would be different.  Derek F. is upset and talks with Kyland about the noms.  Derek F. tells  Kyland to play smart but how can Kyland when he won’t give up his pawn, Sarah Beth?  That leaves Alyssa, Claire and Britini (who each have people trying to keep them).  For Kyland it is more challenging (for a simple – er) brilliant mind.  Xavier tells us that the pawns can’t cloud judgements but with Tiffany and Xavier it does.  How can they keep the Cook-Out safe if they plan to take care of their pawns in the game?

Kyland holds meeting (he loves them so).  Azah wants to know why Kyland chose who he did in the game. Did I hear him say, Britini should be gone for the best of the Cook-Out.  Azah doesn’t like the double talk and calls Kyland on his meeting style.  He sees Azah as not a great communicator but I see Kyland as a non-communicator who is on a power trip. Meanwhile Azar feels she’s not heard.  Claire meets with him and plays coy but wants a Joker gone (the team reference again) and Cook-Out members.  Kyland is having problems of who is going up due to the “High Roller” angle.  Derek F. knows Britini is going up but he volunteers to be the pawn.  Bad move on Derek F.’s part but he knows he should be safe.  It looks like Kyland would vote him out for the “fun” of it.  Kyland and power doesn’t mix.


Kyland does his nominations and puts up Claire and Derek F.  Both are nominated due to their reaction to HoH (really Kyland – poor excuse).  Kyland tells us in Diary Room that Claire had said Kyland would go on the block if she won HoH.  Derek F. is up because he offered himself as a pawn.  Claire has been a floater in my eyes until now but can she get off the block (on her own)?  The Jokers are upset with Azah thinking that she was going up. For her, Derek F. may be worse.  Derek F. hopes for big “BB Bucks” (for all we know he already got them as we don’t know when the special game happens).  Meanwhile Claire and Tiffany talk and Tiff says losing Claire would not be good for her game.  Careful what you want Tiff.  I think Claire would take you out!

High Roller’s Room

The houseguests are awakened to play “High Rollers”.  They enter a casino room and invited to play BB Derby (is that Sharon Osborne giving instructions).  Each can risk $50 and slide a beer mug down a board to score the highest point.  They get three chances.  For $125 BB bucks, they can play Chopping Block Roulette.  For $150 BB Bucks, it is Wheel of Destiny where you may win the chance to overturn HoH with and replace nominees.  Voter Veto is the one they can play for $50 BB bucks.  They can save their money for coming weeks or bet on a contestant in the PoV (we learn in feeds).  Kyland feels the High Roller for the week isn’t fair because it would put pressure on him to nominate again.  If you play and score, you can use your BB bucks to bet on PoV Competition.  I’ll give you the money awards (by America’s votes) after I finish the game.  Since Kyland, Sarah Beth, Derek F. and Claire chose to play, they can place bets during the competition. (I hope I got that right.) The bucks awards are as follows:

$50 – Sarah, Azah (saves money), Alyssa (saves money and upset at amount given), Kyland, Claire

$75 – Hannah (saves money), Xavier (saves money), Tiffany plays

$100 – Britini (thanks America, saves), Derek X. (happy, saves promises not to tell then tells Derek F., Azah), Derek F. (plays but has $50)

And with that the show ends with a promise of Power of Veto picks and competition for Wednesday night at 8:00 PM.  Will the Cook-Out remain or will it fall?  Will Alyssa get more money this week?  Derek X. has been suspicious.  Will he spill his theory which will put his game in jeopardy?  Is the Cook-Out too confident?  Hopefully, we’ll get more information on the crazy game of the money/games on Wednesday.

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