Big Brother #23: And Kyland’s Confusing Reign Continues (8/18/21)

The one thing about Big Brother 23 this year is that it has been fun.  Viewers never know what to expect.  Even better, Big Brother “Live Feeders” often seem confused.  Of course, it’s not really anything the house guests are doing.  All this is coming from the top!  Kyland is causing the confusion.  He can turn a meeting into a lesson in words, words, and more words.  From what I saw on live feeds yesterday, he should be the lawyer because his meetings made little sense.  While confusing, it is fun to watch because no one knows what he means.  In other news, it looks like The Cookout is still in control but for how long? There are cracks developing and questions being asked.

After Nominations

After nominations, viewers often see Big Brother house guests in tears.  This year, there hasn’t been many tears but the scheming starts immediately.  With Derek F. and Claire on the hot seats, will Derek F. need to campaign?  Will Claire buy a clue or turn to her trusted ally, Tiffany.  Britini was breathing a sigh of relief since she isn’t on the block.  Britini, don’t trust your luck!  This is Big Brother and no one knows what will happen.

With the reveal of the “HIgh Roller” twist, Leland feels even more safe with the nominees.  Hey!  How can he get blood on his hands with this twist, right?  Claire, in Diary Room, feels confident because her bet could give her the second veto.  Derek F. wants to bet on the right person so he will be safe.

Britini goes to talk to Kyland about being a target and we get the Kyland double talk game starting.  With Britini, he says something that she takes as being a guarantee of safety and he shakes on it.  With Derek F., Kyland says he wants to control the Power of Veto.  Derek F. understands but we know from Diary Room that Kyland doesn’t want to lose either Sarah B. or Derek X. (for some reason).  Derek F. has doubts already.  Here’s another possible Joker plot exit and he doubts his fellow Cookout members’ loyalty.  Derek F. has another problem.  Going up as a pawn, he has to figure out a new way to keep his secret from Azah and Britini.

When Tiffany meets with Kyland, she’s upset because Claire’s on the block.  Her brain starts churning to figure out a way to get Claire safe.  .  I think Tiffany would send Derek F., a fellow member out, to keep her shield safe.  Kyland tells Tiffany about Claire’s target plan of The Cookout. Tiffany, in Diary Room, tells us that she must convince Kyland that what Claire says is not what she means.  Well, if anyone can give double talk back to Kyland, she can.  Kyland tells us that Tiff pushes back on Claire and wants Britini or Alyssa up. 

Power of Veto Competition

It’s time to pick players, and Leland draws Alyssa.  Alyssa is happy since they took her boyfriend out last week.  Claire picks Azah.  Derek F. picks house guest choice and chooses Britini.  Derek F. and Britini see this as an opportunity to save all three Jokers.  I wish they’d move past the “team” mentality and Derek F. realize the pecking order.

Kyland says they can place bets and chose someone to win.  Kyland announces that there is a clue about the veto – veto spelled backwards. Everyone knows that means OTEV.  In the bets, Kyland chooses Alyssa.  Derek F. chooses Britini.  Claire chooses Kyland. Sarah B. chooses Azah.  Derek X. really wanted to play OTEV and is upset that he was not chosen.

The OTEV course looks like a lagoon and OTEV is a jellyfish that sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  First Sharon Osborne and now Arnold?  What gives this year with these voices.  Participants must answer his questions and bring him the jelly with the correct jelly name on it.  Once they find the answer, they must climb the slippy hill to return it to OTEV.  Last one or incorrect answer is out.  Where Claire and Derek F. hope the veto saves them, Kyland plans otherwise.  He wants control of all the power.  First out is Derek F. followed by Azah, Britini, and Claire.  It’s down to Alyssa and Kyland but Kyland can control Alyssa’s decision.  He lets Alyssa win the Power of Veto taking the second for himself.  Kyland will save Claire to gain her trust (or brownie points).  It would be so nice if people actually played the game.  The throwing of comps is bad this year.  First Azah gives the answer to Britini and then Kyland cheats. 

Post POV Competition

Kyland celebrates with Sarah B. but she tells us in Diary Room that she’d be glad if Britini leaves.  Kyland, Xavier and Derek F. talk and Kyland says Britini is the only choice which upsets Derek F.  For some reason Kyland wants Derek X. left even though he is a great competitor.  Sarah Beth is Kyland’s shield.  Is there really any question of who is going up?  Britini draws the short straw.

Before the ceremony, Kyland talks to Sarah B and let’s her know what is going on.  Sarah B. has lost her smarts as she goes out, tells Britini for Kyland, and offers support.  Does that sooth Britini.  Of course not and she goes off to confront Kyland (who hides).  Kyland tells her he has no other choice.  He feels people will vote Derek F. out.  Britini walks away upset, mad and vengeful.  She is mad because he lied.  Kyland made the agreement and lies about what he said.  Well, he is the king of double talk.  During the conversation, Kyland shows no remorse but assures her that he doesn’t care if Derek F. leaves.  You know, as a long-time viewer, I would have caught on with his body language. 

Britini leaves upset and in diary room talks a little about the deal.  Could Kyland be regretting what he said?  He says in Diary Room that were there other options like Derek x.  Does he actually feel remorse?  Britini tells us she will not be silent.  I think, if she goes, a bitter juror will be born and I’m not sure Dr. Will can change her mind. 

By the way, I know what happens but won’t spill.  You will have to turn in tomorrow to see if:  Claire gets Derek F. out; Britini pours on the guilt and stays; or The Cookout remains safe for another week!

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