“Big Brother” #23: Which Joker Will Remain? (8/19/21)

Last night on Big Brother, I would have guessed it was Derek F. staying.  But as the day progressed, I saw Claire and Sarah B. more and more wanting him gone and speaking openly to Tiffany and Derek X. about their wishes.  I’m not sure what they have against Derek F. but this is Big Brother and sometimes the one who does the cleaning must go.  They can beat Derek F. at HoH competitions.  Britini staying would give them another lady in the house, but she’s already headed toward “bitter juror” and it would only get worse.  So tonight, I go in wondering if it will fall to the HoH to give the final vote (for a welcome change).  Oh, right!  That’s Kyland and the network needs to end the show by 9:00 P. M.

POV Ceremony and Aftermath

Julie Chen Moonves opens the show tonight with the announcement that emotions are high and two vetoes are in play.  We go straight to recaps and we see just how Tiffany can manipulate Kyland.  I had forgotten she can use words just as cleverly as he can.  Oh, and the new HoH will be crowned live on “Big Brother!”

Julie tells us that chaos erupted as the veto meeting started.  We given the Power of Veto meeting.  Both the holders of Power of Veto are standing and make the decisions.  Kyland will use the Veto on Claire.  Tiffany silent rejoices while Brit starts breaking down.  Britini is told to take the chair.  Alyssa does not use the Power of Veto so that is over. 

After the ceremony, Britini is mad.  Alyssa says that everyone is against her anyway and Derek X. could have gone up.  Derek F. is upset because it is Britini.  Claire is upset because she was up and isn’t forgetting that Kyland did it.  Kyland thinks that Derek F. will stay no matter what but that’s without thinking about Claire, Derek X. and Sarah B.  As Britini cries in Derek F. arms, in Diary Room she goes off on Kyland.  I guess when they have the house guests back in to destroy the house, she’ll go for his stuff.  Britini is sick of being a nominee.  It hurts both Derek F. and Azah to see her like this. 

Upstairs, Tiffany and Claire and talking in the HoH room.  Claire wants Derek F. gone because she feels all will carry him to the end for an easy win.  Tiffany, in Diary Room, tells us that as a member of The Cook-Out, Derek F. can’t leave.  Hannah works on Derek X. trying to keep Derek F. but Derek X., in Diary Room, tells us that Britini would take a shot at Kyland or others that he wants out. Later Claire and Derek X. talk but they count Hannah in with their number of a team.  The problem is that they have Tiffany listening to the talk.  You know Claire is really a bitter person at being on the block.  What did she expect of Big Brother.  Tiffany isn’t on the same page and Claire may have to go sooner than later.

The Cookout has decisions to make.  Tiffany tells Xavier that Claire and Derek X. wants Derek F. gone.  In Diary Room, Tiffany tells us that “for the sake of the Cook-Out,” she’ll get rid of either Claire or Derek X.  Tiffany has to tell Xavier also about Derek X.’s questioning the pairs and possibly the group of six.  Xavier assures her that he will lie to Derek X. if he must.  Later, Xavier tells Kyland that Derek X. is the biggest threat.  They meet with Derek X. and try to form an alliance as the three strongest players.  Derek X. immediately runs and tells Claire about the discussion.  Claire isn’t happy and thinks they’re playing Derek X.  She knows you have to lie to people in Big Brother.  Everyone says something for a reason.  Claire sees Xavier and Kyland taking a shot at both of them. 

The Live Vote and Eviction

Julie joins the house guests in the Living Room (whoops they are dressed for a physical competition).  Britini asks to stay via rap and don’t ask me to what she’s saying except she will help their game if they let her stay.  Derek F. thanks God and his mother and a long list of friends.  He then asks to be kept for fixing food, laughter and cleaning.  The house guests start the live voting with Xavier first.  The votes are coming in but wait.  Azah votes for Derek F. while Claire changes her vote.  Britini leaves for jury on a vote of seven to one but Julie fools them by telling Big D that he is safe before telling Britini she is gone.  With hugs she goes to meet Julie.  Wow did Kyland give Derek F. a big kiss?  Azah is being comforted by Derek X. and later by Tiffany and Alyssa.

Julie tells Britini that she was on the block four of six weeks.  Britini is going to the jury because she could have won with her story in the final two.  She’s okay with going to the Jury House.  America voted her the highest of amount of HoH bucks.  Julie wants to know why she didn’t play in the High Roller Game.  Brit thought she’d be okay this week so she saved her bucks.  Julie asks who she feels betrayed by and she quickly says Clare and Tiff.  She realizes that it is a game and no one wanted to show their cards.  She wants to see how it plays out.

Azah tells her that she tried to keep her.  Xavier talks about the blind sides and wants to be friends.  Claire was looking at it from an individual’s perspective, but her group didn’t see it.  Derek F. tells her that she is special in every possible way.  She cries on that one.  Julie wants to know what the best thing about her experience is.  Brit saying be there and talking to Julie.  Julie did not tell her about cook-out.

HOH Competition

Oh, it’s the balancing game.  This should be good!  The house guests are told that the power is up for grabsThe game is called “Dash for Dinner.”  One at the time, each must navigate the balance beams to get to dinner.  All beams are not the same size.  They are doing it individually on the clock.  If the clock expires, they are eliminated.  Claire is first and the rest must wait behind a wall.  She switched between wide and small and did it in 34.97.  Alyssa fell as she buzzed in and is eliminated.  She’s followed by Derek F. and Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth does beat Claire’s time with 21.03.  Azah, Hannah, Tiffany, Derek X. and Xavier all lose to Sarah Beth’s time.  Sarah Beth is the new HoH and the Cookout should be worried.  We should be glad because the action should be great this week.

Julie tells us that High Roller’s Room with Chopping Block as the game.  They can seize power by collecting BB Bucks and playing the game.  We can vote again this week with the same prizes as last week.  Vote by texting name to 97979 tonight!

Will Sarah Beth nominate Derek F.?  Who else will be up?  Will anyone play for a chance to make everyone vulnerable?  Who will Sarah Beth’s nominees really be?

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