Big Brother #23: Sarah B.’s HoH (Or Is It)? (8/22/21)

Big Brother fans!  How many of you thought you’d see a Sarah B.’s HoH?  After all, she seemed to sleep through the first half of the season or do nothing but talk to Kyland.  Sarah Beth also though that the teams would be together to the end.  To that end, Big Brother encouraged friendships and internal alliances between teams and she has thoughts that she helped with Kyland’s HoH last week.  Now will Kyland turn her HoH into Kyland’s second HoH in a row?

HoH Fall-Out

Of course, we get the usual reminder that the Cookout is controlling the game.  Xavier wants Derek X. out for personal reasons and finds out that Derek F. is Derek X.’s target.  We also are reminded that Derek X. lost by one second (could the clock be off – again?).  Don’t ask about the clock?  Big Brother doesn’t cheat.

Sarah Beth celebrates and says this will change her game (game, what game?).  Derek F. is happy that he is staying and got to kiss Kyland.  Derek F. is tired of being a pawn and sounds like he is doubting the Cookout.  As the Sarah B.’s celebration continues in the Storage Room with Kyland, I am beginning to question what her partner outside the house is thinking about their interaction.  The Storage Room pair discuss the nominees and Kyland wants Claire or Derek X. out for personal reasons. 

Azah is upset that Britini is out of the game and TIffany spends time with her to get Azah’s head in the game.  They too are discussing nominees.  Tiffany, in Diary Room, is upset that Sarah B. won.  She was the last person that Tiffany wanted to win.  Tiffany tells us that “she’s not going on the block.”  Meanwhile, Xavier and Derek F. talk.  Derek F. is tired of the game and being a pawn.  He sees Derek X. as never being in danger.  Kyland comes in and tells them to trust him.  Derek F. is worried about his mental state and Xavier has to keep the Cookout together.  Derek X. is upset that he didn’t win.  Wait, Sarah B. is changing into dressy clothes for her HoH reveal?  Who does that? 

And the talks continue.  Alyssa and Derek X. are talking about the High Roller’s Room.  She wants to win the Ch”Chopping Block” and spin the wheel to ensure safety.  Derek F. and Tiffany get into a verbal fight. Derek F. needs to lookout for the Cookout and is trying to keep things good with Tiffany.  It seems that Derek F. said something that Tiffany thought was disrespectful during the week and she’s been stewing about it.  Derek F. and Tiffany start in the bathroom and takes it to the Storage Room.  Derek F. thinks he grew up like Tiffany.  She tells him no and that he came at her in the wrong way.  She talks down to Derek F. and she sees Derek F. as trying to intimidate her.  So, let’s see if I have this right.  Tiffany has problems with Derek F. but he can’t have problems with her?  When did that happen?  She feels she doesn’t owe him anything if he doesn’t have respect for her in the house.  I understand where she’s coming from but RESPECT is a two way street. 

Sarah B. starts searching for nominees.  Her main question is:  Will you play the High Roller’s game?  She doesn’t get the answers she wants as both Derek’s don’t plan to play.  Sarah B. is worried about next week’s power.  She is smart enough to realize that she’s vulnerable!  Sarah B. is happy to finally have power though so she goes on the hunt for pawns.

Derek X. starts overanalyzing the .  He’s questioning Tiffany’s thought process and loyalty to them.  He also thinks that there is a group working together (little does he know).  Meanwhile, Azah and Derek F. feel that Sarah B. is going on a “reign of terror.”  Azah has no idea of where Sarah B,’s head is in the game.  Azah tells Britini she may be out next and seems to break down.  Wait, she’s acting.  Never saw this side of her before.

Later, Sarah B. is looking at the wall.  She thinking Xavier because he’s a big threat.  Kyland knows he has to go slow to get to the target being Derek X., the Cookout’s target.  Kyland starts talking to Sarah B. about putting up Derek X.  Kyland suggests keeping him for a blindside as long as he doesn’t play veto.  I wish she’d take those sunglasses off.  It hides her eyes.  Sarah B. knows she needs to keep her options open.  Two pawns must go up.  (By the way, the show seems very slow tonight.  I guess it is because the HoH and her “partner” love of discussion. 


It’s time for nominations and the usual spill is done.  Sarah B. turns the keys to reveal Derek F. and Claire.  Sarah tells them that it makes it less complicated due to the Chopping Block.  What a ridiculous reason but that’s Sarah B.’s claim.   Kyland will do his best to get Derek F. off the chopping block.  What I don’t understand is why Sarah B. stops at every mirror she sees this week?

Tiffany gives Claire a pep talk.  Tiffany doesn’t have the BB Bucks to help.  She doesn’t want to see Claire go but it may be all that can be done.  Meanwhile Hannah and Derek X. scheme.  Hannah doesn’t want him gone but she knows that to keep the Cookout together, it may be necessary.  Derek X. wants to keep the BB Bucks to get next week’s prize.  He doesn’t want to play this week but how can he guarantee he will be here next week.

High Roller’s Game

This week, the amounts are:

$100 – Claire, Derek F. and Derek X.  None will use their money.  Claire does not have enough money to play.

$75 – Hannah, Xavier (both who are at $150), and Alyssa.  Alyssa will play.

$50 – Azah, Sarah B., Tiffany, and Kyland.  None of them have enough to play.

Before Derek X. makes a decision, he talks to Kyland.  Derek X. is smart but evidently he doesn’t have common sense.  If you could be a target, would you talk to the one person who is in Sarah B.’s ear.

“The Chopping Block” is a game of balance and skill.  Alyssa stands on the roulette wheel and must cause the wheel to spin around as many times as possible in two minutes.  The only player, of course, Alyssa wins and decides that she doesn’t want Derek F. to be a pawn so off he comes.  Sarah B. asks Alyssa to bring out a roulette wheel.  The wheel has all the eligible people left listed around its side.  Where the ball lands is the nominee.  All watch the spinning ball nervously.  The spin lands on Xavier who must take the chair beside Claire.

Alyssa is upset that she played the game.  Her only ally is up on the block.  Claire thinks she is next to a threat and she plans to win the veto.  Xavier will not back off a challenge.  He will win the Veto and others will have to go through him to get it.  Sarah B. now feels some fear as Xavier is up but Derek X. is still safe.  This could lead to her nomination next week.

Turn in Wednesday for the Power of Veto game.  What will it be?  Will Xavier be safe?

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