Big Brother #23: Sarah Beth Is Awake and Queen (8/25/21)

Big Brother finally has Sarah Beth in motion.  After weeks of just sitting around, wrapped in a blanket or hoodie, with sunglasses, we get to see her face.  She takes the time to use make-up.  I’m kidding but the win made her a different person.  It didn’t make her wise up though.  She became Kyland’s stooge and the means to an end.  Kyland has targets and used Sarah to achieve his ends through her nominations and the use of the “High Rollers” room.  So how will the Power of Veto go.  Patience, my friends and watch!

Scheming before the Power of Veto

After the usual recap of Big Brother, we get down to business. Sarah reminds us that the “Chopping Block” power was used.  Xavier is on the block and Alyssa is upset because Xavier looks out for her (little does she know, she’s his pawn).  Xavier was hoping not to be nominated at all this season but now he is due to her closest ally and the “rolling of a ball.”  Sorry for that pun.  No matter what I said, it would come out bad.  Claire is upset that Xavier is up.  Sarah is ectastic because she can get Derek X. out.  Derek X. now wishes he had played but in the “High Roller” game instead of saving his money.  As Alyssa cries, Xavier assures her it wasn’t her fault. Xavier tries to make her feel better by saying he’s against Claire  

Claire meets with Sarah about the situation but she’s nott Sarah’s target.  Unfortunately, Sarah can’t tell her who the real target is (Derek X.).  Claire believes Sarah but isn’t dumb.  Xavier is on the same team as Sarah and Kyland and she are closes, that leaves Derek X.  How many times do I have to say there are no teams anymore.  Get your act together and figure out The Cookout!   So what does Claire do?  She runs and tells Derek X. her theory and he’s upset.  He knows he is the target now.  With Tiffany involved, the discussion turns to other scenarios, Tiffany wants Derek X. off the block as he can do her dirty work for her.  Tiffany needs his protection because she hasn’t been on the block yet due to protection.  Another team player but for Tiffany, which team is she really on?

Claire tells Derek X. her theory and that she thinks they want him up.  Derek X. is upset and between the two, he knows he is the target.  Now Tiffany gets involved.  They discuss the scenario with her.  Tiffany is not happy because if he leaves, he won’t be there to protect her. 

It’s time for more HoH Room meetings.  Alyssa and Sarah talk.  Of course, Sarah mentions Derek X. as the target and Alyssa hopes he does go up.  After all, he took Christian out.  Sarah sees herself as helping Alyssa and knows they need to keep Derek X. from playing in the veto.  Derek X. goes up to meet with Sarah to find out if he’s the target.  He’s playing the pity game and what I can do for you.  Sarah tells him that she has options and must wait to see what happens.  Derek X. doesn’t understand why he is a target and says he hasn’t done anything.  Well, you did win HoH and take Christian out and you have won several competitions.  You have played the“target” game against the Jokers!  I know that’s game but it is something.  Derek X. knows his game is on the line and he must make the draw for the veto.  He then turns to Hannah and talks things through with her.  Their friendship makes it hard for Hannah to stick to the Cookout’s plan and she will do what she can to keep Derek X. off the block.

Power of Veto

It’s time to pick the players for veto.   Sarah, Claire and Xavier draw players.  Those joining in the game are Azah (who wants to take Xavier down), Derek F., Alyssa (Xavier’s pick and the one he wanted).  Derek X. knows he’s in trouble.  Later in the bathroom, Claire and Derek X. are both worried about the veto.  Claire finally breaks down in tears in the Diary Room while he sheds a few in the bathroom. 

The backyard is the domino game set up like a safari.  The house guests must set up the dominos to win prizes or punishments.  The prizes include BB Bucks, $7500 in cash while the punishments include BB Backruptcy, Strategy Shutdown (solitary confinement for 24 hours), two weeks of slop, and nomination for eviction.  The fastest time wins the prizes.  If you go for prizes, you are ineligible for the Power of Veto.  Alyssa is first and takes the punishment route  (she may be on slop).  She’s followed by Derek who wants the money (because he hasn’t won any games yet).  Sarah takes a prize route and a punishment route (it’s been hinted on feeds she won $500 but it wasn’t shown in on the show).  She’s also upset because the High Roller’s game didn’t giver her complete control so she goes for punishments also.  Xavier is going for all punishments including nomination, BB Bankrupt, and Strategy Shutdown.  Claire goes for the punishments also.  She needs to win to take herself off. 

Derek X. is host.  His first announcement is that with the winning time of 15 minutes, 29 seconds, the prizes of $100 BB Bucks, $7500 in cash had been won.  Who won these?  Derek F. of course and while he thinks no one knows, they all do (and upsets Azah and Xavier).  With a time of 3 minutes, 5 seconds, Xavier gets the Golden Power of Veto with the punishments of BB Bankruptcy, Strategy Shutdown, and being the third nominee.  Xavier knows his safety is now secured while Claire cries and is upset.  Claire doesn’t want to be next to Derek X. on Thursday. Sarah meanwhile is happy.  She can put Derek X up and send him to jury.

After Veto Strategy

After the veto, Claire cries in the shower with Derek X. listening and trying to calm her down.  Claire is upset not only about being up but that Derek X. will probably be going up beside her.  Derek X. is feeling guilty because he didn’t play the High Rollers game.  Tiffany then comes in and starts her games.  .  Tiffany tells us that she is in a tough situation.  Worse case for her is that Derek X. goes up.  She is going to figure out a way to keep him off the block because she can’t lose both Claire and Derek X.  (Hey, Tiff!  Volunteer to go up.  My feelings are that everyone should face jury at sometime in the game.)

American Red Cross Party

This year CBS must not be doing the back yard party.  Of course with all the hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc., I love that they have partnered with the American Red Cross who always shows up in disasters.  The house guests will donate their time to help the Red Cross by assembling emergency packs.  After Sarah gives the information on the work of the Red Cross, they begin.  Each kit will hold items that are needed in emergencies.  All are glad to be helping.  Tiffany is proud of the job they are doing because of her work in real life.  Kyland gets into the word game but does the message that all should prepare because we cannot be prepared to fail.  Azah is glad to get her mind out of the game and help others.  Group hug at the end.

More Strategizing

After the work party, Tiffany and Derek X. talk.  He tells us that this is the worse week of the summer for him.  He tells Tiffany he’s going to make a pitch to Sarah that he can help keep her in the game.  She suggests trying to get Sarah to put up Hannah as she wanted earlier in the game.  Derek X. doesn’t want this but Tiffany says that’s the best way to keep Derek X. in the hosue.  She doesn’t mind losing Claire to keep Derek X. (to take shots for her).  Derek X. tells us that’s it’s a “hail Mary” but he will take the shot. In his meeting, he tells Sarah that she doesn’t need to take the shot at him and promises her two or three weeks safety.  Don’t promise things like that Derek X!  That’s how you go out.  He does suggest Hannah and Derek X. swears that Hannah will go to jury (home).  Sarah listens and he swears he will never come for her (that’s the object of the game Derek X.).  Sarah tells us that she knows that Hannah’s been throwing competitions and is smarter than she is. For Sarah, who is the bigger threat. 

Veto Ceremony

Xavier calls the Veto meeting to order.  He is using the Power of Veto on himself.  He turns the meeting over over to Sarah who must name a new nominee.  Sarah nominates Derek X. She thinks if she doesn’t take the shot it would show a lack of confidence on her part.  Let’s clap for Kyland.  He did his job! 

In the Diary Room, Sarah says that Derek X. was an obstacle for her to reach finale.  Claire says it sucks and she can’t go against him because she trusts him the most.  It’s her worse case scenario.  Hannah is in a hard place but Derek X. would make the game hard for her and she can’t play it on a personal level.  (Did she just imply she had feelings for the guy?) Derek X. wipes his eyes.  He knows he has let America down.  If he stays, hell will break lose in the house.  Maybe he shouldn’t go.  We’ve had an interesting season so far.

Tune in tomorrow to see if Derek X. manages to save himself.  Will Claire leave?  Will the Cookout be outed?  Will Tiffany turn on her initial alliance?  It should be a good eviction show!

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