Big Brother #23 – And Chaos Reigns (8/26/21)

Big Brother loves controversy, but chaos is another matter.  How chaotic can a season of Big Brother get?  Well, with the thinkers/strategists in this house, it has been over-the-top.  Add to that the nomination of Derek X. and we see a new level of crazy.  My question is:  Will it be enough to break up the predominate alliance this year, The Cookout?  Well, only time will tell as Tiffany is upset that Derek X. replaced Xavier on the block.  Could Derek X. be sent to jury or can Tiffany save him?  She’s losing her friend (shield), sniff sniff (plus the one she planned to do her dirty work).

After the Power of Veto

Julie Chen Moonves introduces the show with “no risk, no reward” and says this is true tonight.  I think she’s as clueless as us about what will happen.  After the recap, day 51 is underway.  Can the High Roller’s room cause chaos for one of the nominees?  Julie also mentions that while the Cookout has been running the game, the real question is:  who is running the Cookout? In the Diary Room, Xavier thinks he’s got the game under control as Derek X. is going to jury.  Claire feels it is her best chance of staying and Sarah is ecstatic.  Tiffany, on the other hand, wants to keep Derek X. as Claire has been her patsy.  Hey, don’t blame me.  That’s what Tiffany called her!  There are definitely splits in the Cookout.

Tiffany goes to work on the Cookout girls to get them to keep Derek X.  Tiffany tells them that Derek X. would be a vote for them to stay.  Meanwhile, Hannah goes to tell Xavier what is up and he isn’t happy.  Xavier wants Derek X. to leave and now has questions about Tiffany’s actions.  I figured it would come down to these two!  Later, Xavier talks strategy with Azah to convince her to get rid of Derek X. playing with her feelings for him.  Xavier knows that Tiffany will be the hardest to persuade.  Later it comes to a head with Tiffany, Xavier and Kyland in the kitchen.  After Kyland leaves, Tiffany says that they want Derek X. in jury because he has strong connections to her.  Tiffany won’t let them “guilt trip” her so she’ll go back to her usual mode (guilty tripping them).  I used to like Tifny but the last two weeks she has been getting on my last nerve.  What has she really done in the game to this point?  She tells us in Diary Room that she’s going to convince people to vote to keep Derek X. so she’ll win the game.  My thoughts:  instead of using him for protection, Derek X. should have been a member of the Cookout!

Xavier’s Punishment

Sarah Beth comes out with the Xavier’s punishment.  Xavier will be locked in the “Have Not” room until Julie calls him to vote.  This means Tiffany has a good chance to ruin Xavier’s plan.  Poor Xavier!  His toilet is a tent.  He has water (and I understand PBJ and apples).  As all this unfolds, Tiffany is scheming with Derek X. and telling him to how to play the other house guests.  Tiffany tells him (basically) to play Azah for sympathy points and he uses the chess board.  Derek X. admits that he is counting on Azah, Hannah or Tiffany for a vote to keep him safe.   

Derek X. uses the chess board with Azah and he plays the martyr.  She promises to think about it.  My question is does Tiffany and Derek X. not consider that other houses guests will compare notes?  Oh, there comes Derek X.’s tears.  Azah says he needs to go but is it best.

The Eviction Ceremony

The house guests are dressed up and waiting in the living room where there is a slight sound problem.  Julie asks if she can call Derek X. by his nickname, “Baby D.”  She gives each nominee a chance to sway the vote.  Claire does the call outs and asks the house guests to keep her if she can help their individual game.  Oh, again the teams mention.  I’m so over that!  Baby D. thanks his supporters and tells the house guests this will be a chance to change the game.  He can take out the biggest problem in the house while keeping his allies safe.  (Wait, Derek X.  That’s everyone except Xavier.)

The voting starts with Alyssa first.  Xavier, the last to vote, comes out looking like a 1970s disco king.  With a vote of five to two, Derek X. is headed to jury.  Tiffany did change Hannah’s vote (not really). When Julie makes the announcement, Derek X. doesn’t look surprised.  He hugs Claire first and the rest as he leaves.  Tiffany must be steaming but she gives Derek X. something and tells him he had the best personality in the house.  (I agree with that!)  His last goodbye is for Hannah and is sweet. 

Julie offers Derek X. a chair and asks if it was a bad week.  He tells her yes.  When asked why he chose not to play in the High Roller’s Room, Derek X. admits he was thinking “long term” and not concerned with this week.  Not being chosen for the Power of Veto didn’t help.  He has no remorse and offers America his love.  He’s also sorry that he let us down, but he tried his best.  When asked about a possible dating situation with Hannah, Derek tells us that both were focused on the game.  He does tell Julie when she asks him to “expect the unexpected.”  Goodbye messages will be online tomorrow.

HoH Competitions

Before we get to the HoH, Julie says that the Big Brother program is so proud of the house guests work.  The show will give $10,000 to the American Red Cross in addition to the bags that the house guests put together.  In addition, CBS asked American to get involved by becoming a “Nation of Doers.”  Go to CBS/American Red Cross to see how to help.

Julie tells us that the house guests had to study the memory wall last night looking for clues to help them win tonight’s HoH.  I believe she called it the BB NFG Coming Soon and featured pictures from this year’s show (so far). 

Outside, Julie starts the competition. The game is called “BB NFG”.  All have studied the Memory Wall.  It’s a true or false and (according to live feeds) Tiff and Hannah have a cheating method set up (although I couldn’t tell if they used it).  Extra BB bucks will also be given.  At the end of the game, each will pick an envelope which contains additional BB Bucks of $50 or $100.  They have to wait until the High Rollers room to open them. 

The True/False questions are asked.  Xavier, Claire and Azah go out on question one.  Derek F. and Kyland leave on the second question.  Tiffany finally wins her first HoH (and we can expect another chaotic week). 

Julie tells us that it’s time for the High Roller’s vote.  Text your vote to award extra amounts to the house guest of your choice.  It looks like maybe Black Jack this week? The top three from the Coin Flip will play.  Text your favorite to 97979.  Vote up to 10 times and must be done tonight.

Back inside Tiffany is asked how it feels to have won.  She’s very proud and happy and looking forward to pictures and letter.  Tiffany says that Sarah Beth started the women winning.  Claire is asked how she feels.  She is happy but sad that Baby D. left.  Julie tells them no “have nots” this week (which usually means endurance competition next week).  Tiffany’s reign though may not be what she wants as it can be upended by the Coin of Destiny.  (I hope she doesn’t become another Chima (from Big Brother 11) who threw a fit (and destroyed a mike) when she lost her HoH power to Jeff.

So, what do you expect this week?  Will Tiffany destroy the Cookout to get to the finals.  Who will she put up and what will her reasoning be?  Who will win the power (Derek F. and Hannah already have the money to play)?  Will it be used to replace noms?  This will be another interesting week.

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