Big Brother #23: And Will Tiffany Reign Supreme (8/29/21)

The Big Brother house guests have kept us entertained this year.  Whether the crew is out playing each other, trying to schmooze each other, or just seeking to control the game, we have had more entertainment than we have had in many years from this Big Brother crew.  Tiffany claim to fame is founding the Cookout (or so she says) and she hasn’t been happy she hasn’t won.  Well, she remedied that on Thursday night but will it last?  We still have the Coin of Destiny standing in her way.  And for some reason, I don’t think production thought this season would play out this way.

Will HoHitis Show Up?

The one thing you can say about Tiffany is that she likes to manipulate a game.  For the past weeks, she’s been manipulating the person who had the power.  The only HoH she didn’t succeed with is Frenchie and we all know she was instrumental in his departure.  So, with total power will we get major HoHitis.

As the HoH begins Tiffany already has her sights set on the evictee being Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth did get rid of her pawn, Derek X. on Thursday.  Of course, we get the usual celebration because “I (Tiffany) finally won something in this house.”  In the Storage Room, all the girls celebrate that a woman has won HoH.  Claire thinks she’s totally safe since her ally is HoH.  Kyland is looking for comfort from Derek F. (and I’ll be dropping the F now) and Azah.  Azah thinks Kyland’s behavior is crazy.  In Diary Room he says that Baby D. was his biggest threat.  Be aware, this is long!

So what is happening with the next victim, Sarah Beth.  She is upset over Baby D.’s speech.  In taking to Xavier, she is trying to figure out how to stay off the block.  She thinks she’s in an alliance with Xavier and Alyssa.  Xavier tells us that he doesn’t have power this week and laughs.  The only safe people are the Cookout.  Of course, the Coin of Destiny is mentioned with Sarah Beth hoping for the money to play for it. 

Later, Tiffany and Kyland are talking about who to put up.  Tiffany admits to us that she wants Sarah out.  Kyland doesn’t want Alyssa put up next to Sarah Beth.  Kyland says he can’t protect Sarah any longer and feels he can go up safely (or something like that) against her.  By the way, I’m finding myself tuning out when Kyland talks.

Hannah and Tiffany talk.  Both are sad that Baby D. is gone.  Tiffany feels that the Cookout has played for each other.  Hannah, in Diary Room, tells herself to get it together because she feels awful that Baby D. left.  If it wasn’t for the Cookout, Hannah and Baby D. would be a team.  Tiffany tells her it had to be and they hug.  Next is Derek who congratulates her.  She’s talking to him about the anonymous HoH.  Tiffany tells us they might fight like siblings, but they are working together.  Derek tells us he doesn’t trust Tiffany and she would be gone except for the Cookout. 

After a short meeting with Tiffany, Sarah tells us that the only way she’d stay is with Coin of Destiny so she’s using that to stay off the block.  Sarah B. there is no way you have the BB Bucks to play.  Baby D. sunk that ship!  Tiffany does tell her that she jeopardized Tiff’s game.  Sarah seems to plan to do anything she can to stay.  Wait until she finds out what America thinks about her.  Later, she throws Alyssa under the bus to Tiffany and loses any respect that Tiffany, Hannah and Claire had for her.

We’re back to the HoH reveal.  I’m not going to worry about details because it is the typical photos and letters.  We haven’t gotten many of these this year. 


Well, there will be three nominations this week.  Xavier is up due to last week’s Veto competition.  Tiffany nominates Kyland and Sarah.  The reasoning is that the two make a powerful dual and Tiffany made this move for her game.  Tiffany tells us that Sarah Beth is the target and Alyssa will be Tiffany’s next target.  If someone saves Sarah Beth, they become Tiffany’s next target.  Kyland says it makes sense that he’s up but it’s painful to be on the block.  Sarah Beth says she won’t sit next to Kyland. 

Sarah Beth does show up to talk to Tiffany after the nomination ceremony.  Tiff blames Kyland as reason she went up and the target.  Sarah Beth was the way Tiff had to get Kyland out.  Tiffany is doing jury management and trying not “to hurt” Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth is not as dumb as she plays and is worried that Tiffany is lying but she’s hoping that the Coin of Destiny will save her.

High Roller’s Room and the Coin of Destiny

THe High Roller’s room is open.  This week you must have $250 to play the Coin of Destiny.  The winner will force HoH into a coin toss and take over the HoH if they win.  The nominees will change (or not) and the person will not be allowed to win HoH on Thursday.  Everything will be done in secret.  Xavier will remain on the block as it was a punishment.  Tiffany will be safe.  Tiffany tells us that Sarah Beth has to go!  To win, you must get the most coins through a slot in 2 minutes.  The one with the most coins through the slot wins!

Before we go to the money aspect, let’s look at what Tiffany wants to happen.  The only ones who can play seem to be Derek, Hannah, and Claire.  Hannah will not play for the coin and Derek tells Tiffany (basically) that he plans to lose.  I honestly think that if he hadn’t played, Big Brother would have been mad!

Money –

Azah gets $50 from us, $50 envelop so is not eligible.

Xavier get $75 from us, $50 in envelope so is not eligible to play.

Alyssa gets 75 from us, $100 in envelope so in not eligible to play.

Hannah gets 100 from us, $50 in her envelope and choses not to play.

Kyland gets $50 from us, $100 in his envelope so is not eligible to play.

Tiffany gets $100 from us, $50 in envelop so is not eligible to play

Sarah Beth gets $50 from us, $100 in envelope so is not eligible to play

Derek gets $75 from us, $100.  He has $425 (won in PoV) and will play Coin of Destiny.  He throws to lose and tells us: “I tried my best.  It’s all I can do.”  Well, he won’t upset Tiffany.

Claire gets $100 from us and $50 giving her enough to play.  She has trouble getting the coins through the slot but does get three coins in and wins!  She becomes the secret HoH.

Tiffany calls everyone to the dining room.  The results are that someone played and won and so the coin toss must happen.  Tiffany has brought in the coin toss machine.  Tiffany will operate the toss machine to see if she is dethroned.  The crown or BB letters will decide which nominees will go up on the board.  She places the coin in the machine and flips the coin and she is dethroned (by Claire) and the secret HoH is activated.  Tiffany can compete in the next HoH (but Claire can’t).  The new nominees are Kyland and Sarah Beth.  You can see Sarah Beth is upset and the High Roller’s room is closed.

In Diary Room, Sarah Beth tells us that she’s sad and she doesn’t understand why she’s targeted.  Tiffany celebrates being dethroned and is only worried that Sarah Beth will win the PoV.  Claire celebrates that she won.  She takes it for now has a HoH to her credit. 

Who will win the veto?  Will it be used?  Can Sarah Beth figure out a way to save herself?  With the house wanting Sarah gone, I don’t think so.

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