Big Brother #23 – Secret (Really) HoH (9/2/21)

Well Big Brother fans!  It’s another Wednesday night and what can we expect.  Tiffany lost her HoH power.  Kyland, Sarah and Xavier are on the block.  Will the Power of Veto be used to save one of them?  Can the Cookout continue their path to final six?  So far, it looks like they may.  But what does the future hold?  And are they ready for what the POV game is tonight?

Pre-Power of Veto

Tonight’s Power of Veto is going to be interesting.  Will they allow seven people to play or will the HoH sit the game out?  Oh, that’s right they have a secret HoH now.  Can Xavier be teamed with someone?  And we are off.

After the recap, we move into the program.  Tiffany is okay she lost the HoH room and she knows Claire had to be the one who won.  She also knows that Claire wants Sarah out as  much as she does.  Claire likes being the secret HoH.  She left nominations as Tiffany had them because it made sense.  Later Tiffany talks to Kyland about the nominations and he tells us that – whatever (sorry, I zone out when Kyland mumbles).  Xavier feels okay with the competition and results.  Sarah meanwhile knows her game is in trouble.  She hates for Kyland to leave but it can’t be Sarah Beth!  (Why not?  The object is to get everyone out.

Tiffany goes up to move her “stuff” with Hannah and Claire comes up.  Tiffany doesn’t want anyone in Claire’s ear so she and Hannah will have to keep Claire close because they figure she has the power.  Claire wants credit and so I have to wonder if she’ll tell the rest of the house. 

Kyland finds Sarah Beth upset in the bedroom.  She thinks him that both of them are unlikeable (oh, really).  Kyland reminds her of all that are already out.  He hates to see Sarah Beth in pain.  Their only hope is to win Power of Veto.  Say what Sarah Beth?  Have you been taking double talk lessons from Kyland.  They discuss “house guest choice” and she doesn’t know who to ask!  She doesn’t trust anyone.

Power of Veto

Since this is an anonymous HoH, Xavier announces veto.  Only six will play, each of the nominees and three additional players.  They draw for the veto players and Xavier picks first as the special nominee.  He picks Alyssa (who he wanted).  Sarah Beth hopes for Derek and gets Claire.  She’s glad since she was secret HoH and now gets to compete to get all the power.  Kyland picks Hannah who is excited to play and win the power for herself.  After the ceremony, Tiffany and Claire talk about what to do if PoV is won.  The only option would be Alyssa. 

The Power of Veto game is going to be based on the new movie musical, “Dear Evan Hansen” and Ben Platt shares a trailer with the house guests.  The PoV winner will get an advanced screening of the movie with three guests.  The backyard is set up like high school and the instructions say BB is like high school.  Not really this year but I digress.  They must line photos of the evicted house guests in chronological order to tell a story.  Britini’s homework gets eaten by the dog and Brent gets hit by a dodgeball are two funny pictures.  The game, “We’re Nuts for Benny,” will be timed.  It seems like all will have trouble but both Hannah and Sarah Beth gets them done quickly and  on the first try.  The times are:  Kyland 5:25; Claire  6:27; Alyssa  8:14; Hannah 4:59; Xavier 8:29; Sarah Beth 5:22.  The winner is Hannah.  She gets to see a movie (which she really wanted).  Claire is upset because she might have changed the nominees.  And Sarah Beth cries again. 

Sarah Beth tells Kyland she was so close but couldn’t win.  He tells her not to worry.  He thinks Hannah will take him off and whichever stays will win the HoH next week.  Kyland would love to be taken down but he’s confident that he will stay (and again I tune out).  Sarah is going to try and get one of the two of them off so they can campaign to get Xavier out. 

Power of Veto Movie and Meeting

Hannah asks Kyland, Sarah and Xavier to see the movie with her.  Derek is upset because he really wanted to see the movie.  The movie will be screened in the HoH room where snacks await.  As they sit on the bed, the movie runs.  I’m not sure Kyland likes it but he does cry by the end.  Xavier feels that Evan’s story hits home.  This is good promotion for the movie (or so the house guests say).

Kyland talks to Claire about her thoughts on who to evict.  Claire won’t tell him she’s got the secret HoH but wonder if he’s trying to save Sarah.  She doesn’t like that at all.  Of courses, Claire tells Tiffany that Kyland is pushing for the PoV to be used on him.  Tiffany’s not happy with Kyland and tells us that the Cookout members agreed to pick a partner and to sit beside them.  I think Kyland’s just been moved up in the eviction order of the Cookout.

Kyland then approaches Hannah to use the veto on him and she can’t figure out why.  She plans to use it on Xavier and tells us that he’s not following the plan.  I’d be running from the yard with all the talk, talk, talk Kyland’s doing.  Kyland isn’t making sense to Hannah and she knows he wants to take himself off so he can save Sarah.  Kyland, you just sealed Sarah’s fate.

The ceremony begins with Hannah using the power of Xavier.  Since he was a special nominee, there will not be a replacement for him.  Kyland looks upset but what can he say.

In the final Diary Rooms, Hannah tells us that she’s upset that Kyland asked her to pull him down and was sketchy.  Kyland feels for Sarah and his plan didn’t work.  It sucks.  Sarah complains.  She came to win and she will definitely try to stay.  I think your fate is sealed, Sarah.  Tiffany says that Kyland is sitting beside Sarah like they all promised.  Basically, Kyland, get over yourself.

Who will leave?  Will the Cookout team stay in power or fall?  It should be endurance tomorrow night.   Be sure and watch at 8:00 P. M. on Thursday.

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