Big Brother #23 – Will Sarah Beth Leave? (9/2/21)

Tonight’s Big Brother will cap an interesting week.  Not only has Kyland and Sarah Beth been on the block but Kyland has been determined to “save” Sarah.  In do,ing so, he has alienated many of his alliance members.  Remember the Big Brother Cookout crew agreed to take each other to the final six even if it meant giving up their shield,

After the Veto

Julie mentions that the Cookout has been “kept under wraps” but they will be able to continue.  After the recap, we’re reminded that Sarah or Kyland will leave.  Oh yes!  Jury House and Britini and Baby D. start piecing things together.  It may start getting real folks!

On Day 58, the Cookout is safe so far.  Kyland though is not as popular as he once was with his fellow alliance members.  Julie reminds everyone that it has been a crazy week.  Hannah said she’s chose not to use the veto on Kyland because he would try to save Sarah Beth while Xavier is loyal.  Tiffany does not understand what Kyland is up to.  Claire is glad to see both still on the block.  Kyland is rambling again. Sarah is philosophical.

As Sarah sits alone, Xavier, Claire and Alyssa talk.  What about?  Oh, Alyssa comments about how there will be no white men on the jury.  This upsets Xavier because of what Alyssa said and to whom.  He goes to the bathroom for a talk to himself.  Now, they must look at Alyssa leaving next.  Only problem is she said it to Claire.

Azah and Xavier are making dinner as the rest are in the backyard.  Hannah and Derek are in the hammock with Tiffany nearby.  A bee swoops down and Derek moves quickly off the hammock causing Hannah to fall and hit her head.  Meanwhile, Xavier goes out to check leaving Azah and Claire in charge of dinner.  While Hannah’s head hurts and she goes to Diary Room, there is no harm done.  Dinner isn’t that lucky as the steaks in the oven catch fire.  The BB House is saved by the fire extinguisher but Xavier said what is going on?  Hannah doesn’t hold a grudge against Derek as she laughs at him.  (I think they need to throw in the ghosts right about now.)

The (unofficial) Cookout has an accidental meeting in the bathroom.  They do have to wake Xavier up.  They confirm the alliance name of Cookout.  (Hey guys!  We’ve been calling you this since week one.) 

While Kyland, Derek, and Xavier confirm their final three in the “have not” room (why there?), Lyland (I mean Kyland) isn’t into that group.  He meets with Tiffany to figure out how to get rid of the guys.  Xavier or Derek (or is it the other way around) must leave before Kyland and the ladies.  Tiffany will sit next to Kyland in the finals (he thinks).  They pinky swear but Tiffany seems more confused and unhappy.  (Kyland will be gone before he knows it!)  Kyland has no loyalty.

Jury House

At Jury House, Britini is seen “fighting a statue” only to be surprised by Derek X.  She had thought that Alyssa, Sarah or Kyland would be next.  Derek hugs her and has a video for them to watch.  He regrets doing certain things to stop what happened.  After the video starts, Britini quickly catches on that Derek X was the backdoor plan for the week.  Derek tells her that America saw it and that’s why they both got what they got in the High Roller’s games. Do we really need this reminder?  As they discuss the week, Derek reveals the pact (left in Kyland’s message).  They decide that Kyland, Claire, Xavier, Hannah, Tiffany, and Derek belong in the group but Britini doesn’t think it is Derek.  Britini and Derek X will figure this out.

Live Vote Eviction

Sarah makes her case first.  She has offers to make.  She warns them they may regret the decision to evict her and must make the choice for their game.  Kyland has started.  He apologizes if the one-on-ones were too long (I’m sure he’s sorry—NO).  The voting starts.  The secret HoH will vote but will only be counted in the case of a tie.  Derek votes first for Sarah Beth.  Tiffany votes to evict Kyland.  By a vote of 5 to 1, Sarah is headed to jury (with Claire’s Sarah vote not counting). 

Sarah joins Julie as her picture turns gray (which causes people to laugh or pretend cry).  Julie wants to know why she got evicted.  Sarah thinks she was a threat and others didn’t know they could trust her.  She thinks they wanted Kyland by himself in the game.  Julie asks if she regretted her HoH and eviction of Derek.  Sarah regrets not playing more loyal to Tiffany and Claire.  Ask about her closeness to Kyland, Sarah said that it was easy to play with Kyland and it wasn’t personal.  She was grateful for his support.  When asked about the secret HoH, Sarah guesses Claire as the secret HoH.  She also knew Tiffany was the single vote for her (thanks again Kyland). 

In the good-bye messages, Claire admits to being the secret HoH and it was nothing personal.  Claire tells her that she was the secret HoH and it wasn’t personal.  Hannah says that she knew Sarah threw her under the bus.  Azah has to vote her out of further a mission she’s on.  Kyland mentions the alliance and BB doesn’t allow it to be played.  He doesn’t want to lose his relationship with her.  Julie asks for final thoughts.  Sarah said it was good game play on their part and knows Azah was a part of it.  She respects them.  Asked if Kyland will be a friends for life, Sarah says she has made many friends for life.

The HoH Competition

The HoH Competition in the backyard is called “The Flying BB-ions”.  Julie says that Claire will compete but must throw the competition before the end.  The game is the “swing game.”  They must stand on a platform, and it will circle the yard.  The elephant statue will release bubbles (and maybe something else).  As they are raised in the air, you see that they are having a real problem with Derek’s place.  The first three off wlil be “Have Nots” for the week.  As the show ends, Derek has fallen off during the commercial and isn’t happy.  As two circus performers appear, Alyssa falls.  The performers have spray bottles and seem to be spraying the house guests.

Next Thursday is a double eviction with another the following week.  (Sorry folks!  No triple eviction this year.)  Stand by.  I somehow think Alyssa is in trouble.

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