Big Brother #23:  Who Did the HoH Swing

Big Brother #23 is counting down to a double elimination this week.  So far the Cookout has survived but can they survive a double elimination?  If they make it through two more pawns going (Claire and Alyssa), which of the Cookout is the most expendable.  With Tiffany, Xavier, Lyland – er Kyland, and Hannah playing hard, can they win or will Azah and Derek make it to the final two?  Note:  from now on I will refer Kyland to Lyland.  He’s very good at lying and being sly.

HoH Competition

After the exit of Sarah Beth, the HoH begins.  Interesting we are reminded of the final three between Kyland, Xavier and Derek.  We’re also reminded that Lyland (Kyland) and Tiffany has a final two alliance.  I am so tired of Lyland.  He’d be my first Cookout member out.

As we rejoin the competition, we are treated to more of the HoH competition.  Kyland is upset losing Sarah but he has another plan and Tiffany is happy that Sarah is gone.  Twitter went crazy Thursday because we didn’t see Derek fall but we get it tonight (he only last 1 minute 42 seconds).  Alyssa takes a hard hit and getting dizzy as the rope spins faster and faster.  Down she goes and she’s sick.  Tiffany is surprised that Alyssa is out as the group gets sprayed by three circus people with water/slime seltzer bottles.  Claire has to throw the game so she drops. 

In a flashback, we’re shown Lyland taking information to Hannah and Tiffany.  In addition, the Cookout had promised to drop if Derek or Azah made it to the finals.  As we return to the game Hannah goes down followed by Xavier.  This leaves Azah, Tiffany and Lyland in the game.  The agreement had been made to let Azah win but neither Lyland or Tiffany will fall.  Azah finally falls and I guess Tiffany and Lyland have shown their true colors.  Lyland wants Tiff on the block with Claire but Tiff isn’t having that and they keep swinging.  Cookout is beginning to turn as Lyland finally falls and Tiffany wins AGAIN.  It’s every man for themselves even if it hasn’t reached just Cookout members yet.  This is Big Brother! 

As this battle of wills has played out, fellow Cookout members are seeing a side of these two and Tiff’s loyalty is being questioned.  Tiff says Lyland wants wins for his resume.  Lyland says she may be in a situation where she has to put up Claire and he’s finally let’s her do it.  Tiffany celebrates again.  She celebrates winning twice in a row (but isn’t it three times since she controlled the noms from Claire’s?).

After HoH

Lyland doesn’t understand why Tiff wouldn’t fall.  Maybe it’s because you (Lyland) planned to put Claire and Tiff up.   TIffany is trying to ‘build her resume’ for the big finale (which you shouldn’t count on because this type of game can backfire!).  Lyland is scared that he is at risk.  He sees Tiff as selfish (but he’s not).  I’m sure Azah sees both as selfish.  Azah is happy she’s safe but is upset at Tiff’s not keeping her word.  TIff throws the blame for her not dropping at Lyland.

Alyssa is upset she’s on slop because she can’t eat it.  She’s scared of losing more weight after being on it for three times.  She is also not Tiff’s ally so she’s scared of going up.  Xavier is upset that the Cookout’s plan is shot.  He’s on the block for a third time but Tiff and Claire celebrate in the bathroom.  Tiffany is getting a little too arrogant to win this!  Claire figures that she and Tiff will make it to the final two. 

Lyland goes to talk to Tiffany again.  They’re arguing over who wanted it more (Azah wanted it more). Lyland tells us that Tiff wanted to win.  Okay, I’ve just zoned out again.  Please someone take Lyland out.  Tiff talks to us and she’s in the “someone had to win” mind. Couldn’t it have been Azah? Tiff says she’s keeping her pawn safe as long as she can.  She’s sure that Claire will be safe until next week and she celebrates her success AGAIN of getting Sarah Beth out.

Derek and Azah have a talk.  He feels like he’s the weakest person and Azah offers support. She reminds him that he created the alliance and helped pull it off.   He’s been trying but as he tells all, physical feats are not for him.  It happened in high school with physical ed but his dad told him to keep swinging and trying.  Hannah comes in and says that Lyland just wouldn’t quit.  She’s not too happy that the plan has changed but at least no one is looking at her.  When Xavier to talks to Derek and Azah, he’s not happy with Lyland or Tiff.  Azah tells us that she is tired of putting her game for the Cookout while others play for themselves.  She’s frustrated but must trust the process and so is Xavier.  I think he’s favoring an alliance with Derek and Azah (wonder just how much Derek is sleeping and how much he’s listening and strategizing while ‘sleeping’).

Xavier and Tiff meeting and Xavier tells her that Claire needs to go.  Tiff apologizes because she plans for Alyssa to go up which means that Xavier also goes up.  Tiff is HoH and not that sorry.  Can we say arrogant.  I liked her week one but not so much anymore. My opinion: until recently, Tiff’s been relying on Xavier or Lyland to get their hands dirty and throw no suspicion on her.  Xavier tells us he is tired and he’s been playing for the Cookout.  Now Tiff can get blood on her hands and Xavier has the chance to mess with Tiffany’s doom.

It’s HoH Time!

Oh no, another HoH reveal.  Do we have to do that again? Derek says he’s excited but he’s not.  He calls Tiffany selfish.  Derek will play like he cares but he doesn’t.  As everyone enters and does the usual, Derek and Xavier end up sitting on the bed.  They’re the first to leave and go downstairs to talk.  Xavier said it should have been Derek and Azah since they have never won.  Tiffany is selfish and then Lyland comes in.  Upstairs Tiff, Claire and Hannah watches and I’m sure they wanted to know what was said.  Alyssa and Azah is in the bedroom where Alyssa tries on Azah’s dress.  It fits.

Later Claire and Tiff meet to discuss strategy.  Tiff feels she is on Xavier’s and Lyland’s radar (oh really).  Tiff tells Claire that they need to align with Hannah and Azah.  If Claire wins HoH, Tiff plans for her to take out one of the guys.  I knew this!  She’s not as smart as she thinks.  Claire agrees and says that the guys will be on the block because they will stick together. 

Tiffany talks to Alyssa about going on the block.  If I hear “it is what it is” from Tiff again, I swear I’ll never say it.  Alyssa knew that Tiffany would take a shot and Alyssa feels that Tiff has many friends in the jury house (I’m not so sure Alyssa).  Alyssa goes through the votes and how each would stand against her.  Alyssa, don’t do that!  Tiffany thinks that everyone knows she’s not the mastermind.  Tiffany says Alyssa’s math adds up and Tiffany is thinking of sitting next to her in the end.


Tiffany calls everyone to nominations.  The usual spill is made and we see Alyssa and Xavier on the board.  Well, at least they play for PoV.  The reasoning is that it is a game move (and not personal) due to them being strong competitors.

Tiffany say they may have wanted Claire gone but it’s Tiff’s HoH and she’s there for the money.  Alyssa hoped her pitch would work but it didn’t.  She tired of the “fake smiles and laughs”.  Xavier tells us third week of the block because Tiffany decided to win HoH.  He can play friendly but also blow Tiffany’s game.  I think Tiffany better look to self-preservation and not have too big a case of HoHitis.

Wednesday, we get the PoV game.  Will Tiffany’s plan work or will a new strategy be devised.  In other words, will Claire have to go up!  Will Tiffany play true?  Will Xavier use the double eviction Thursday to get Tiffany out.  Stay tune, Big Brother fans!  It’s about to get down and dirty.

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