Big Brother #23:  And Tiffany’s Hits Keep Flying  (9/8/21)

Big Brother fans will remember that on Sunday’s taped show, Tiffany won the HoH.  This set up a wild ride for Xavier who found himself on the block opposite Alyssa, his pawn.  Now the stage is set for a repeat of last week’s show or is it?  While there isn’t a secret HoH to spoil the plans, the Power of Veto is coming in to play along with Zingbot’s return.  Let’s sit back and get ready for the show.  And with it being a double eviction tomorrow night, I hope the house guests know what’s going to hit them!

Post Nominations

Tiffany doesn’t care if she has made the others mad.  It’s her HoH and she’ll do what she wants.  Question for CBS?  Yes, I know Tiffany has come off as rather conceited and doesn’t want to be on the block at all during this game, but are you giving her this edit because you are tired of her or to show what’s she capable of to America?  Xavier is frustrated but Claire is happy.  Later, when Xavier is shooting pool, Alyssa comes up to talk about PoV and the next eviction.  Who would Tiffany put up?  Hannah’s name is mentioned.  Xavier is coming for Tiffany while Tiffany is trying to arrange something so she doesn’t have to nominate a third person this week.  The only one left is Claire and she’d have to choose between her plus one and Cookout members.  Tiffany thinks her mental powers will take care of the PoV situation.  As PoV is nearing, Alyssa talks to Derek about playing for her since she took him off the block.  He agrees but we all know he won’t do it.  He admits he’s scared of what Tiffany could do.  Later in the HoH room, Derek and Xavier talk scenarios.  While it is going to be individual’s game soon, Xavier sees it as Tiffany is already in that mindset and is ticked off by her actions.  The big question is:  will Tiffany honor the Cookout to final six or keep Claire close.  Personally, I think she has set herself up for eviction.  Xavier thinks she’s “ruining her game” which he wants to do anyway.  Derek likes messy play but not this week.  Are the two of them not trusting Lyland (Kyland) now? 

Why is it that Azah and Derek are the only two who seem to do any cleaning?  Azah though seems to like to sing the songs they have made up this summer like “Do What You Want to Do.”  Then we get a Diary Room with Derek trying to sale the BB #23 album featuring songs like “Big Blue Couch,” “I’m on the Block Again,” and many more.  Yes, they had fun with this but did we need this Diary Room.

Power of Veto and Zingbot

Tiffany is happy because it’s time to pick PoV players.  The three players will be:  House guest choice Hannah (Tiffany), Derek (Xavier), and Azah (Alyssa).  None of these will change the nominations if they win so Xavier and Alyssa must win on their own.  Claire, Hannah and Lyland aren’t playing.  Oh, and Derek lets Lyland know that about his crush. 

All go outside and Zingbot is on the balcony.  While they can’t wait, we know what is coming and prepare for the zings that can’t always be understood. Hannah can’t wait to “get her feelings hurt by this robot.”  Zing calls them losers (as usual).

First is Alyssa who Zingbot calls dim even though she lives in Florida.  Xavier is next with a zing about his secret of crushes — on himself.  Tiffany is called old as in ‘four score and seven …”  Claire gets referred to as “Big Foot.”  Hannah gets a knock, knock joke about being invisible.  Derek gets a zing about his bathroom use.  Azah is told by the Zingbot that she’ll never get a date with Xavier.  The last, and most accurate, is Lyland.  He gets compared to a babbling brook because he will never shut up.  In Diary Room, all agree with the Zingbot on Lyland’s zing. 

The Power of Veto begins and all 21 small cocktail glasses and twizzers start to go.  Called “Micro Cocktails,” each player must stack rows of small cocktail glasses using tweezers through a window.  The first to stack the five rows will win (total of 21 cocktail glasses).  Oh no, this is the one that Tyler got so frustrated with.  Xavier wants to win so he can see what Tiffany will do.  Alyssa knows it means she has to win to survive.  While it looks like Derek might actually win, he knocks his down and must start over.  As the game continues it looks like Alyssa and Tiffany are neck and neck.  In the end, Alyssa puts her last glass on the top and wins a PoV bracelet.  Tiffany is upset and faced with her worse possible fear, replacing Alyssa with a nomination of Claire.

In Diary Room, Tiffany is upset with herself, but Xavier is laughing at her dilemma.  Karma is what he’s really thinking as he celebrates.  Later Xavier meets Derek and Azah in the bedroom and all worry about whether Tiffany will follow through with the plan or play selfishly and keep Claire off the block.  Derek says that if she does, Tiffany will lose four votes.  In the HoH bath, Tiffany and Hannah talk and Tiffany feels hurt.  Tiffany wants Claire for personal game and friendship but if she goes against Cookout, her chances of winning are gone.  Claire has to be told that she’s going up without ruining their relationship (a a vote for Tiffany in the finals). Hannah goes back to talk to Derek and Xavier who secretly have admitted they will flip the house if Tiffany goes back on her word.  So Hannah is giving info now?  Xavier is worried about how Tiffany will tell Claire and what Alyssa will learn.

Tiffany talks to Claire and admits she has an agreement with Lyland, Derek, Azah and Hannah to keep them safe.  She can’t put any of those four up (notice she didn’t add Xavier there).  That means she has to put up Claire which upsets Claire.  And we get a big bleep space and tears from the both of them.  Tiffany tells us that she didn’t want to lie and will be as honest as she can.  She has her own personal feelings about how to play the game.  Now Claire cries.  In Diary Room, Claire says she can’t be mad.  She gets the reasoning.  Claire even knows the reason (PoC) and how they always leave early. 

The Power of Veto Meeting

PoV meeting is held and of course Alyssa uses it on herself.  Tiffany must now put up Claire or a Cookout member.  She tells all it is difficult but Claire is her choice.  As the meeting ends, we get Alyssa telling us that she’s proud of herself.  She’s declared Tiffany as her target.  Tiffany wants to keep Claire safe but doesn’t think there is any way she can save Claire.  Claire is going to go out as a fighter and will do everything she can to stay.

Double eviction tomorrow and it will be good.  Hannah has been working on getting sympathy votes from everyone for Claire.  If she gets enough, Xavier will be gone.  Oh, think of that delicious ending.  So that leaves the following questions.  Will the Cookout be safe?  Will Xavier accidentally leave early?  If Xavier exits, whose game will he take out?  Who will win the HoH and nominate to be the second evictee?  Tune in tomorrow to find out whether the Cookout ends.

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