Big Brother #23:  Double Eviction Looms  (9/9/21)

As the double eviction looms, Big Brother fans are left with the possibility of losing Claire tonight.  Not only that, but a Cookout member could leave before the end of the hour.  It seems strange, in the Big Brother universe, that a group of six has made it to eight.  Their dedication to each other is one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen but I digress.  The drama is ramping up and we should all prepare ourselves for a blow-out episode.

Pre-Vote and Eviction One

I’m not sure how much of a recap we’ll get tonight.  They have so much to cover in a double eviction but I’m sure there will be something. Personally, I want Jury House and Sarah Beth’s arrival.

And I was right.  We get a recap (and bad edit for Tiffany).  Oh, they reverse the reveal of the Cookout by Tiffany with the nomination.  Julie Chen Moonves reminds one that a Cookout could go to jury.

Claire is probably the first evictee but plans are being made for the next one.  Alyssa wants to set up a blindside for Tiffany.  Claire tells us that her leaving “sucks” and she has an uphill battle to stay.  While this is a hardship for Tiffany, it had to be done.  Xavier, Derek and Azah talk about the next eviction.  Alyssa realizes that all the people left will be People of Color (she’s half Hispanic as she tells them).  Basically, the four of them all have a reason for Tiffany to leave.  Xavier, Tiff’s closest ally, hasn’t liked her play this week.  Hannah and Azah are conspiring about a sympathy vote.  Hannah is setting it up to blame Lyland for the 4 to 1 vote.  Hannah needs to keep she, Tiffany and Azah safe.  Alyssa seems okay to put up Kyland (Lyland) but will she. 

The First eviction has started.  Julie announces that tonight is a double eviction and Lyland looks slightly worried.  Xavier and Claire can make their speech.  Xavier says that they should think of the benefits for keeping them.  If he does go, Alyssa will have his vote.  Claire makes a case that Xavier will win the game if he stays.  In fact, he’s playing a “damn fine game” and she’ll tell the rest of the jury just that. 

The voting starts.  First up is Alyssa.  She votes to evict Claire.  Hannah will vote to evict Xavier and blame Lyland (if necessary).  With a vote of four to one, Claire is evicted from the Big Brother House.  Julie makes the announcement and she doesn’t wait for goodbyes.  That will happen on finale night. 

Julie welcomes Claire and mentions the exit.  Julie asks about Tiffany’s nomination.  Julie says you said “I get it” and Claire agrees.  People of Color always leave early.  She will never be mad at Tiffany for doing it.  Asked by Julie about calling out/messaging Xavier, Claire says she thinks he’s playing the best game of all that remain.  Claire’s final thoughts are that she has had so many highs and lows and she loves the Big Brother game.  She has no regrets.  And made a classy exit.

Head of Household

Now, for the week in an hour.  Julie joins the house guests and Tiffany looks worried.  This is the BB Comics Week.  All will be themed around BB comics.  This one is “Crash, Boom, Pow” and each will be shown series of images based on comic books with crash, boom, and pow.  They have six tiles.  One point for each correct answer.  The one with the most correct answers win.  While Derek does relatively good, it is Hannah who wins her first Head of Household and must nominate two.

In the house, Hannah holds quick meetings.  I hear Lyland and it looks like he wants Derek gone.  Alyssa congratulates her and Hannah tells her she will be nominated.  It’s not personal but best for her game.

Live Nomination Ceremony

Hannah tells all that this isn’t for anything but to help her game.  Xavier and Alyssa are the noms and we’re heading to live veto competition.

Veto Competition

The Veto Competition will involve all but Lyland (selected to sit out by draw) will play.  This game is called “Logo, Let’s Go”.  They must race to complete a BB Comics puzzle.  They have their first piece locked in and must build off of that.  They must do the puzzle and hit the buzzer.  Did Xavier get a chance to practice?  He finishes the puzzle early and won the Power of Veto.  He’s told to strategize and head inside.

Power of Veto Competition

Tiffany, Hannah and Xavier have a quick meeting.  I’m sure Tiff is laying down the law.  Alyssa is making a plea but would Xavier be stupid enough to use it on Alyssa (of course not).  I couldn’t make out all that was said, but Alyssa spilled some information.  The real question is who will Hannah call to replace Xavier? Probably the choice falls to Derek.

The ceremony begins and Xavier, as expected, removes himself.  Hannah has decided to put up Kyland.  What!  I’m shocked.  Lyland and Tiff has a final two (as he has with everyone else).  Alyssa and Derek off screen together (to talk maybe).  I’m not sure if Xavier was with them but he did a nice speech to her before saving himself.

The Second Eviction

Kyland is called first to make a speech to sway votes.  He tells them he respects their decision.  He’s short!  Alyssa tells all keep her and have a chance to win the game or keep Kyland and do what he tells you to do so he can win the game.

The voting starts with Azah.  Wow!  Xavier wants Lyland out.  The final vote is three to one and Alyssa is evicted from the house.  She does hug all as she leaves.

On stage, Julie welcomes her and they watch an upset Xavier get a hug from Derek then Kyland, Tiffany and Azah.  What no Hannah?  Oh, she’s giving Lyland a hug.

Julie says she didn’t look shocked.  Alyssa feels lucky she didn’t leave last week.  When Julie asks about feeling betrayed, Alyssa feels betrayed by Hannah and Claire.  Both wanted her out and Alyssa just talked too much this week.  Julie asks if she trusted Xavier and anyone else.  Alyssa doesn’t really name any names but those she didn’t trust – Hannah.  Would she have taken Xavier to the final two, Alyssa doesn’t hesitate!  She would have taken him to the final three only because anyone sitting beside him will lose.  Once again, Alyssa talks about being glad that she was on the “Kings” team.  Doesn’t realize that teams are over (and have been for Cookout members for a long time).  No mention of the Cookout is made. 

Julie asks Alyssa to leave because she can’t hear what Julie will tell us.  The Cookout are the final six.  Only one will win.  Next week will feature a special two hour double eviction episode.  As the show ends, the Cookout celebrates with a group hug and cheer.

Oh, and Julie announced on Twitter today that there will be another Celebrity Big Brother this winter.  Who wants the top salary and who will be asked to play?

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