Big Brother #23:  The Cookout Begins the Fight  (9/12/21)

Big Brother fans!  Can you believe it?  One complete alliance of all members has made it to the final six.  First, I don’t recall that ever happening.  Add to that that the group is PoC.  The diversity this year paid off in the Big Brother game (even with the complaints) but I feel that they owe much to two things:  production’s decision to split the group into teams and Frenchie’s statement that no PoC or woman would be evicted week one.  By the time those waves ended, the game was down to people who kept the team mentality and those who had a broader game in mind.  It was the group with the broader game (overlooking teams) that made it.

After the Double

After Claire and Alyssa left, the Cookout members could use their alliance name and celebrated.  Big Brother though wasn’t through with their week in one day and HoH loomed before them.    Hannah tells us that going into the double the plan was for one of them to win HoH, nominate Alyssa, win PoV and evict Alyssa.  She’s so happy because at 21, she’s been on her favorite television show and made it to the final six.  Both Tiffany and Azah also celebrate the win in the bedroom.  There was one problem before the final vote.  When Xavier won PoV, he took himself off.  Kyland/Lyland was going up but he wasn’t happy.  He thought Tiffany or Hannah should go up since neither had been on the block.  Hannah was HoH which left Tiffany and she wasn’t going up.  Tiffany didn’t want Lyland up but better him than her. 

Even as the celebration happens at the end of the show, Tiffany’s brain is going (look at her eyes).  Derek tells us they stuck together and got all of them to the final six.  Tiffany says it is every man for himself (but she’s been playing more that way than the others lately).  Xavier says that their time and effort paid off to get everyone so far but he’s determined to be in one of the seats on finale night.

Tiffany starts damage control with Lyland.  She tries to explain her reasoning for staying off the block and get him to agree with her on the plan and have no issues.  Tiffany, you just told us that everyone must play for themselves from now on.  While Tiffany thinks things are calm, Lyland has changed his mind about taking her to the end.  He sees Tiffany as trying to do jury management.  Tiffany has cornered Xavier upstairs to try her mist on him regarding Claire.  While he listens, he’s not buying her tale.  In the Diary Room, Tiffany admits she feels like people see her as a threat.  While she thinks Xavier won’t come after her, she’ll send him to jury.

Lyland and Hannah are talking because Hannah needs to do damage control for putting him on the block.  They talk and she tries to smooth things over.  Lyland tells us in Diary Room that he doesn’t want to work with her in the long run.  Hannah’s excuse is the “I was rushed” (as if Tiffany and she hadn’t planned it before hand).  Next up is Xavier and Derek’s talk and it’s about Tiffany’s actions.  Derek will take a shot at Tiffany and in Diary Room tells us he’s ready to get it done.  Kyland and Xavier talk and congratulate each other for still being in the house.  They talk targets and taking care of each other if in the nomination chairs.  Lyland in Diary Room tells us he has started making decisions on who he wants to go against at the end.  It has to be a contender and that is Xavier.  So Xavier and he made a final two deal and name themselves “The Gentlemen.” 

HoH Competition

As they wait for the HoH, Tiffany tells us that she needs to win and stay safe because she doesn’t know who will take a shot at her.  Lyland says that the first HoH of the group must make a decision on who will go out first.  Hannah just doesn’t want[LM1]  it to be her.

The HoH competition is set up in the backyard.  The house guests (the heroes) are being held captive by the super chicken.  It’s the egg up the chicken wire wall and into a slot competition and I didn’t hear the name.  It looks easier than in the past, but they must roll their eggs down a ramp and knock three levers down to get free.  Hey, everyone!  After all our complaints about Derek not being able to win, he does knock down the first lever.  Of course, Lyland wins but it should be noted that Derek had two to Xavier and Azah’s one lever.  And how many did Tiffany knock down – zero.

After the competition, Tiffany meets with Lyland to start her pitch.  She wants to remind him of their deal to go to the end together.  In a later meeting, she pushes a larger target (Xavier).  Hannah also tries to do damage control as she nominated him for jury.  She also pushes for a final four and Xavier to be the target. Lyland has made the deal with Xavier and he knows that there may be a line drawn in the sand. 

Lyland knows Derek is worried and upset with his performance.  Derek is in the “have-not room” and Lyland comes in to talk.  Derek is trying to figure out how he can continue with his game because he’s not a threat and can’t win anything.  Lyland admits he knows how much Derek wanted to win but it just didn’t happen.  Later, Xavier and Lyland meet to discuss the nominations.  Tiffany and Hannah are the top of the list.  Azah will be the third nominee and pawn.


Lyland knows that this nomination ceremony will be the first Cookout member eliminated.  It’s a tough decision but he has to put up two people.  His nominations are Tiffany and Hannah.  The reason for this is because of a loss of trust.  Lyland tells us that he used to trust Tiffany but he doesn’t feel safe with her in the game.  Xavier is happy that he didn’t go up after four weeks on the block.  Hannah is shocked and sad because she’s up against her number one ally.  Tiffany is mad.  They had a deal, and he didn’t trust her.  “It was suppose to be Xavier.”  She wants to win HoH next week and take control.

So who will win the Power of Veto and will Hannah or Tiffany be taken off the block.  Be sure and watch Wednesday night.  Also, don’t forget that Thursday we get a two-hour episode.  Since we haven’t seen jury, I’m sure it will be a part of that two-hour episode.

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