Big Brother #23:  Action Heroes Unite (9/15/21)

Tonight, Big Brother promises we will get the Power of Veto Ceremony.  For anyone watching feeds (or reading Live Feed Updates), we know it is BB Comics.  For the Big Brother fan, these have become fan favorites during the past few years.  So whose comic cover will be the best?  Can Hannah or Tiffany pull off the PoV and save themselves?  Will Derek “prove” himself today and finally win a competition.  The cover is up to you to decide!  No jokes please.

Pre-Competition and Players

Tonight, will be the first time that all get to play in the POV.  The Cookout has scored a win by getting all members to this point.  The question is:  who can win and will fights occur before the eviction.  Here we go!

We’re reminded that Lyland is playing both sides:  the guys and gals (minus Azah).  That may come back to haunt his HoH. Oh, it did.  He put up Tiffany and Hannah.  I wonder if they’ll share the HoH bed with him again?  Oh, and only two weeks remain before a winner is crowned.

After the nominations, Kyland tells us that since he can’t trust Tiffany, she’s up.  Tiffany does feel betrayed.  She felt the final three was sealed.  Derek is just happy that Tiffany is FINALLY on the block.  He’s wanted this to happen like forever.  Xavier is glad that Lyland honored the agreement (and yes, I still call Kyland by my nickname for him, Lyland).  Hannah feels he’s thrown her for a loop and wants to talk.  Lyland tells Hannah that she’s not the target.  She’s up because she is close to Tiffany.  Lyland says Tiffany and Xavier would never move forward together which confuses Hannah as always.  She does realize that the guys are working together.  You mean it took you this long to realize it?  Hannah is sure that if it comes down to Lyland and Xavier, Xavier will win but she’s going to fight to stay. 

Derek tells us that he feels bad for Hannah, Tiffany and Lyland.  It’s not going to be easy.  Xavier tells him that it is hard but there has to be targets.  Xavier tells us from jury management scenarios, he’ll win against Lyland and Derek.  Derek worries that Lyland may try some “tricky stuff” but hopes to make it to the end.  Meanwhile Tiffany and Hannah didn’t expect the nominations.   Tiffany has realized that since Claire left, she only has Hannah.  Hannah decides to approach Azah and she’s going to push Azah to win the veto and take one of the women off.  During this talk, Hannah tells Azah that she doesn’t want the guys to control the game.  I’m afraid that she’s left Azah out for too long.  Azah tells us that she wanted the women to work together at the start, but she got close to Derek and Xavier.  Tiffany does send us a message via her camera chat but in Diary Room she tells us that it will be life changing for her and her son.  She wants to win the veto for a birthday gift to him. 

News Break

Four American have launched successfully into orbit on the SpaceX rocket.  Of course, I couldn’t see it because of clouds.

The Veto Competition

The competition will be done one at a time.  As always in Big Brother (BB) Comics, they are dressed as super heroes, swing on a zip line and observe comic book cover titles, and then must put them in correct order on a “web page” (computer image).  They must also be careful because one little detail could be wrong so the correct cover must be chosen.  If you are wrong, you will get a buzzer.  Note:  Notable comics include Derek X. in his herald’s costume, Derek F. snoozing, Xavier ripped with an “X marks the spot,” Sarah with her breath.   

Looks like Derek is first.  He’s looking forward to this comp and gives us a good explanation.  The way he suggests for the game to be played is that you get the covers in the right order then start looking for differences.  To explain this it would take forever and good covers are available online now.  When you hit the buzzer, you are told if you are right or wrong.  If you are wrong you must figure out which is wrong.  Derek actually does a good job.  He’s followed by Kyland who does very well as does Azah.  Xavier and Tiffany both have trouble so they’re not adding to their resume.  Finally is Hannah.  She takes her time and gets all right on the first try.  How will times play into this?

The times are in with Derek’s time of 14:05 revealed first.  Hannah was right behind him with 14:06.  Xavier (20:56), Azah (20:22) and Tiffany (40:00) haven’t done as well.  It comes down to Kyland who score of 11:64 wins.  I guess his love of comics paid off.  Derek is so happy to finally come in second.  Wait, doesn’t he now have two second places.  He tells us in Diary Room that he’s afraid he may now be considered a threat.

After costume pictures, Xavier and Kyland run scenarios.  When it looks like he may be changing his mind and HoHitis is taking over, Xavier reminds him that by putting up Derek, Derek would leave.  Tiffany does have a plan and it involves visiting Kyland and promising the moon.  No, she promises she will take him to the end and be true only to him.  Right, Tiff!  You said you wanted a Cookout woman to win this year.  She even uses that her ego/pride got the best of her and now she’s willing to put it aside.  Hannah uses a different strategy and only offers one week safety and the use of veto in the final three.  In Diary Room, Kyland says the offers are enticing but he’s not really buying it (I think).  Kyland wonders if he can trust Hannah to vote Tiffany out (of course not).

Power of Veto Meeting

Kyland calls them all in and announces he will not be using the Power of Veto.  He apologizes and wishes both the best of luck.  In Diary Room, he says he’s not happy doing this but he wants Tiffany to go home because it is the best thing for his game.  Hannah is upset she’s on the block against Tiffany.  They need only two votes but Hannah’s is going to get those.  Derek is so glad she’s leaving.  He uses the card analogy that she’s a queen but he’s a joker and joker’s have the last laugh.  Tiffany tells us she will have the votes she needs.  She came up the plan to keep them there for the game and she’ll come up with another plan to stay

Note on Schedule

Remember, tomorrow is a two hour episode.  (Live feeds have been down all day and won’t return until tomorrow night after the show airs in Pacific Time.)  We will get another episode on Friday but none on Sunday so be aware of the schedule change.

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