Big Brother #23:  Which Queen Will leave Durimg the Double Eviction

And so it begins on Big Brother!  For all the weeks the game has been played, the Cookout remained hidden and kept itself together.  I have my ideas on why this happened and the biggest belongs to CBS and the team concept.  The teams just couldn’t let it go!  But I digress.  Tonight, we will see the first Cookout member leave the house to jury.  Will it be Tiffany or Hannah?  Does CBS have a secret up it’s sleeve?  Twitter has been hoping for a battle back between the two evictees tonight but I don’t really see it.  It would have to include the other five who went before and are in jury now.   We’ll have to wait until the two hours play out to see what they have in mind for tonight’s episode(s).  By the way, remember feeds have been down since early Wednesday so no one knows what has gone on in the house.

Post Power of Veto

Julie reminds us that the Cookout alliance made it to the final six.  After a recap that reminds us of the men’s alliance (with the sub-alliance of The Gentlemen), we are reminded that Kyland/Lyland had a final three with Tiffany and Hannah.  He’s true to the men though and not the ladies.  By leaving them on the block, Lyland went against his word to the ladies.  Can he be trusted?  Of course not!  This is Big Brother. 

Julie states it frankly: “It’s every man or woman for themselves.”  Julie then moves into what happened after PoV Ceremony.  Kyland didn’t change noms because by taking Tiffany off, she would stay and he didn’t want to have a hand in that dangerous situation.  Tiffany tells us that she’s going to work hard to stay.  See how loyal she is?  Later as the two play chess, they discuss the summer and the success the Cookout has had.  Later.  Tiffany tells us that the group has accomplished so much this season by getting all to the end. 

Tiffany starts the campaign by talking to a sleepy Azah.  She explains that Hannah is cut-throat and that’s why she needs to stay.  To Derek, she uses the argument that Hannah wants him gone then turns around and does the same spill to Xavier.  Little does she know that Derek and Xavier compare notes and realizes she just substitutes names to satisfy whoever she is speaking with.  The discussion of going to Vegas comes up and I don’t think that Derek wants to go if Brent is there.

Elimination Ceremony

Julie congratulates the Cookout for making it to final six and having a PoC this year as a winner.  Julie asks Tiffany why this alliance was so important to which Tiffany said that she wanted to insure that one of them made it to the final six.  They all the same goal and it was an amazing feat.  Xavier gets asked how he felt when he realized they done it.  He tells Julie that it was groundbreaking.  Their hard work paid off.  Derek tells Julie that it was hard and a challenged but well worth it.  Hannah admits to Julie that it was hard to see Derek X. leave the house but the mission they were doing was more important.  Kyland talked and talked and said that personal game on one side and mission on the other and he hated betraying Sarah Beth.  Azah barely could answer the question because of Kyland but she tells Julie they made history as the first six person to make it in tack.

Jury House

Julie sends us to the Jury House and they are discussing who is coming in the door.  They think if it is Sarah Beth, a man won HoH.  Well is it Sarah Beth and Derek X. admits he didn’t want her to win but to go a little further.  Watching the video, we see a more confident Britini as she has a good read on the game.  They figure it will be Claire or Alyssa as the next house guest to come and are surprised to see Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth realizes that there is a large alliance working together that is making it to the end (the Cookout). It will be the first PoC person winning and the first alliance that makes it in its entirety.  The next week, they welcome first Claire and then Alyssa.  Claire is hurt because it is Tiffany who sent her out. She had hoped that Lyland would leave.  Her good-bye messages talked about an alliance and something bigger.  Alyssa’s video is watched and she had hoped that she could win and Kyland would be the replacement.  She knew something was different because of Xavier’s PoV speech and the good-bye messages about alliance and mission.  Britini thinks Lyland is the biggest problem and whoever takes him out gets props from her.  Derek X. is surprised that Tiffany sent Claire out.  Claire was hoping Xavier would go.  Her messages of bigger purpose, alliance and respect.  While Alyssa didn’t see it coming, she respects what they did.  Britini declares that the game has officially begun since it’s just the alliance left.

The First Vote

The house guests make their pleas.  Tiffany tells the house guests that their names will always be paired together.   Hannah wishes her dad happy birthday and is so proud of the Cookout for playing together. The voting starts with Derek first.  By a vote of three to zero, Tiffany is evicted from the game.  After Julie reveals the votes, Tiffany doesn’t look surprised and hugs all.  She tells all of them to have fun and does their Cookout cheer as she walks out to meet Julie. 

Julie asks TIffany why is she sitting on stage with her.  Tiffany feels that she had a final two with Lyland week two but it looked like she kept changing her mind.  Tiffany admits that the Swing HoH win didn’t help.  She also tells Julie that she’s a risk taker and would rather ask for forgiveness afterwards. Julie calls her a master strategist and Tiffany agrees.  While she wanted to win, the mission was important.  They had to control the game.  Tiffany had to come up with a way to win and one morning, she got the chess board and figured it out in five minutes.  It was hard to play for herself and for the PoC goal.  She could have gone against the group by not putting Claire up, but it was a bigger mission.  Tiffany is surprised by the double elimination.

Second Eviction Begins

Julie calls everyone back to the living room and congratulates them on making it to final five.  Then she says second eviction and they go into shock.  Everything happens soon in the back yard.

THe HoH competition is “BB Ballers.”  Two rounds will be played.  Round one has each house guests with 12 balls.  They must retrieve a ball and roll it up the ramp to knock 12 silver balls off the game field.  The first two who accomplishes this will be in a playoff.  Xavier and Azah advances and now must roll 10 balls up the ramp and get them to stop on the grass.  If it is a tie, they will have to answer a question.  They must roll at the same time.  While they both have problems at first, Azah wins her first HoH of the season by beating Xavier five to two (or was it three).  Derek hugs her and all head into the house.  Looks like Azah will put up Hannah because she can’t touch Derek unless as a back door.  Hannah isn’t the target.  Lyland is going up also, it appears.  No wait!  It’s Xavier.


Azah is asked to nominate the two house guests who will be up for eviction.  Azah tries to keep her promises.  She puts up Xavier and Hannah and one of them may be the next one eliminated.  Next up the Power of Veto game

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto game is a Big Brother classic game, “What the Bleep.”  They will watch videos with a bleeped-out word or phrase and Julie will supply an answer.  They must decide if it is true of false.  It comes down to Kyland and Xavier as the same correct answers.  When the tie breaker is asked, Kyland wins and Azah may have to replace him as a nominee.  The tie breaker question is:  In seconds how long was the “cluckster competition” from start until BB declared Kyland the winner. 

Power of Veto Ceremony

Of course, Kyland uses the Power of Veto on Xavier leaving Derek as the only option.  He assures Julie that he’s okay with it.  Azah seems upset.

Eviction Two

Each make a plea and Hannah says please keep me.  Kyland is first.  By a vote of two to zero, Hannah is going to jury.  Kyland was torn by his decision, but he felt he needed to give his vote to Derek.  Hannah is upset but hugs Derek first and then the rest.  She tells Kyland:  “It’s okay.”  Asked about hurt feelings, Hannah tells them, “not at all.”

On stage with Julie, she tells Julie she can’t believe she’s out.  They watch Azar and Derek cry.  Kyland takes it worse than Xavier.  Julie asks when Azah nominated her, she looked shocked.  Hannah felt that Azah would target Kyland because she had said she would.  Hannah believes the men are working together and Azah doesn’t realize it.  Hannah didn’t think she was the target but thinks Azah wasn’t aware of Kyland and Xavier’s deal.  Julie asked why she felt that her only path to the end was with Tiffany and Hannah admits that she just didn’t have the same relationship.  She felt Azah just didn’t know how close the guys were.  Julie asked Hannah if it was difficult keeping the six together.  Hannah felt it was hard because she did have two other alliances.  In the end, Hannah’s purpose was to get the six to the end and a PoC as the winner.  There was no “ifs, and or buts.”  Hannah feels like a winner.  When she entered the house, she wanted to play ruthless but when she saw the other five, she knew that they should play for a final six.   As the show ends, each of the remaining BB Cookout members are contemplating the game (in separate rooms?).

Tomorrow night (Friday, September 17) will be the HoH competition.  No episode on Sunday due to the Emmy Awards. Finale night is September 29th.

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