Big Brother #23 – And Soon There Are Three (9/23/21)

Sorry I missed last night. I’ve actually taped it but haven’t had the time to watch.  We were in and out of weather alerts all day and night.  I figure it is more of the Kyland’s woe story and I honestly lose his thoughts after his first line. 

So how did we get here?  Let’s review.  The on-air premiere had the group divided into four teams of four members.  Frenchie won the HoH and made the promise that he wouldn’t nominate a PoC or a woman.  Unfortunately, it came down to one of his final two alliance (of which there were many), Travis, who left.  Unknown to Frenchie, the PoC (minus Derek X.) had formed a secret (silent) alliance called the Cookout which would eventually lead them to the final 12.  The six Cookout members took a “pawn” from their team to hide behind. Unfortunately (for the Jokers), Azah and Derek F. had to share Britini while Xavier had Christian and Alyssa.  And as the game continued, we came down to the Cookout final six.  With Tiffany ahd Hannah leaving, we have the final four of Xavier, Derek F., Azah and Kyland.  Xavier won both the HoH and PoV so nominated Kyland and Azah.  So who would go?  Well, Twitter and Facebook think Ky is leaving tonight.

Pre-Eviction Ceremony

Julie reminds us that Xavier is the Head of Household and has the Power of Veto but cannot be the sole vote to evict.  We get the recap with reminders of who promised who to take them to final two.  To me it is funny!  No one really trusts Kyland (or they’re tired of his overthinking and over-talking everything).  Xavier definitely wants Kyland to leave but Derek F. is having problems forgetting the deals with Kyland and Xavier.  Xavier, of course, is playing this best for himself.  And yes!  We have Jury House.

On Day 79, Julie welcomes us to Kyland’s Blindside.  Then the program gives us Big D and his dilemma.  As Derek goes back and forth, Kyland puts on the pressure to keep him.  Kyland uses the words, words, words and in Diary Room, the gist of his speech is ‘keep him and get Azah out.’  Derek asks: “is it worth having his best friend, Azah, leave against his showmance/friend, Kyland.  Hey Big D.!  You may think of Kyland as a showmance but I don’t think he does.  Azah tells it true.  Kyland is a gamer.  And Xavier, Derek and Azah talk and talk and talk about the Kyland eviction.  In Diary Room, Azah makes her wish to send Kyland out.  Oh Azah and Derek have had some — er – verbal skirmishes.  And Azah tells us no one carried her to final four.  Actually, Azah, the group of six carried each other to the final six. You and Derek did the floating while others did the scheming.

Jury House

I’ve always said that at this point in the game, the 24/7 coverage should move to the Jury House.  Why, you may ask?  Because the final four/three are usually boring as the game play is very limited.  I also advocate for the show to cut the period between the final four and the finale in time.  They take the feeds down and nothing is going on (also in the past few years, people could care less who wins) so a reduction in days makes sense.

As the jury gather outside to greet the new person, they speculate on who is coming in next.  Alyssa wants answers since they know about the alliance.  Derek X. hopes it is Kyland but Tiffany arrives.  Tiffany admits that the men saw her as a threat.  Scared, Tiffany is happy to be able to reveal the Cookout’s mission to jury.  As they watch the video, Alyssa is shocked about the three HoHs in a week. Tiffany admits that she had a final three with Kyland and he had to have the votes to get her out to make the move.  Tiffany thinks that the three guys had something going.  Ky wouldn’t send her out because they had a deal.  And Claire says “Kyland’s got a lot of blood on his hands” and worried about whether to vote for him because of his game or the blood on his hands. 

Tiffany explains the surprise of what happened when she walked in the house.  She saw so many like her and realized never that there had never been an African-American winner.  It began as an understanding and then the Cookout emerged.  The six agreed to do their part to get the six to the end with Tiffany doing the master plan.  This surprises all that she was the mastermind.  She explains the pawn plan and Claire calls it iconic which will make Tiffany a master of the game.  They all admit they were out-played.  Tiffany tells that each of the six gave up what they wanted and best for their game for the overall purpose of the mission.  She tells us that they respected the other jurors.  Then Tiffany drops the double eviction bombshell.

Next up is the arrival of Hannah.  She is still in shock because it happened so fast.  Tiffany gives her a hug and wonders what happened.  Tiffany confirms to us that she and Hannah were interchangable.  They get down to the show with Azah winning, putting up Xavier and Hannah, and Kyland getting the PoV. 

Hannah said that she and Azah made a deal but Ky ruined it.  She had to win the veto or be gone.  When Ky took Xavier down, she knew she was gone.  Sarah says it is a  waste of Azah’s game.  Hannah said Ky couldn’t look at her.  Tiffany is now sure the guys are working together and thinks Azah will be the next juror.  Derek X. says if it comes down to Kyland or Xavier in the final two, he’s not voting for Xavier.  Sarah still shows she is bitter but likes Kyland.  Hannah is rooting for Azah to win the game.

Live Veto Meeting and Eviction

Julie asks what will happen and will Ky see it coming?  Xavier is asked whether he is going to use the veto or leave the nominations in place.  He stands and announces he will not use the veto.  Both can plead their case.  Azah makes her plea thanking God for letting her play the game.  She asks Derek to look at them, two Jokers who cried, cook and laughed and made it to final four.  She’s glad she found a true best friend and being on the East Coast know they will see each other (Julie thanks her for giving God the glory.)  Ky is thankful for being in the game with them and wants to stay.  Now Derek must cast the sole vote to evict.  Derek tells them that he loves both.  From the game level, he played the game for himself.  He cast his vote to evict (not evote) Kyland. 

Kyland isn’t happy and not going out quietly.  He and Xavier have words.  Derek tells him from the game point of view, he can’t beat Kyland.  By now, I’m yelling:  “Kyland, please leave.”  He’s trying to argue his way into staying.  The other houseguests have gracefully exited but it takes Julie ordering Kyland out to the stage multiple times for him to leave. 

Interview with Julie

As Kyland leaves, Azah thanks the guys for keeping her.  Julie asked if he was surprised that Derek evicted him.  I think Kyland said that he was surprised but not surprised (double talk again).  Julie asks Ky about the pre-Veto event with Derek.  Kyland says he wouldn’t give Derek the assurance because he would lying (Julie gives him the words). Kyland doesn’t see it as lying and off he goes on another tangent.  Julie asks if the final two agreement with Xavier was the one he would honor.  He talks about the “gentlemen” but Kyland goes off on representation and I didn’t get his true feelings.  Julie asks about Xavier not using veto on him.  Kyland says he understands it but I didn’t get anything out of the rest of the speech.  Julie asks about Derek’s vote.  Kyland said Derek wouldn’t have done it without all agreeing. 

Azah in her message says that she hopes they can be friends outside of house.  Derek said that the veto meeting was what sent him home.  Xavier said Kyland was too competitive and Xavier made an early agreement to take Derek F. to the finale.  Kyland looks a little surprised.  Now Kyland is asking to return next year.  Please producers no.  We can’t take another year of him talking all the time. 

America Favorite Player

America’s Favorite Houseguest will win $50,000.  To vote for your favorite, text the houseguests’s name to 97979.

Friday will be a special episode with family’s video and the recap show.  Tuesday’s show will be competitions and Wednesday at 9:00 will be a two hour finale.  Julie’s last words to us:  “Love one another.”  In the Big Brother house, champagne is poured and the final three toast. 

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