Brother #23 – The Final Three (9/26/21)

Big Brother 23 has been one of the most enjoyable seasons on record.  It’s the only time an alliance of People of Color has made it to the final six.  Now three of them are sitting ready to take on each other to see who can win it all.  What is more important is the fact that this season’s cast became friends.  They kept the house live feeds most interesting, had very few fights, and showed what true strategy is.  In my mind, they could teach the Survivor cast how it’s done.  But enough of this, let’s get on with the show.

After the Eviction

Okay!  Have we ever had an exit like that from the Big Brother show? Have we ever seen that much discussion as someone exited.  Sure, we have had someone walk out over the table and barefoot, but Id do not recall someone who stood there and argued like he thought lodging a protest would allow him to stay.  Let’s give Julie Chen Moonves a big Big Brother appreciation clap of our hands for getting Kyland out of the house before blows were thrown.

Julie is on stage and welcomes us to Big Brother.  After the recap that reminds us that Kyland left (and we didn’t get a repeat of the drama), we get down to the HoH competition.  Xavier, Azah and Big D makes it to the finale.  But first, we get a retrospective of how Xavier, Azah and Derek got to this stage of final three.

Xavier’s Road to the Final Three

Xavier is first.  Just remember, he claimed to be a bartender but was a lawyer.  Xavier didn’t want to be seen as a threat and he didn’t want distractions (showmance).  He built alliances with Derek on day one then Frenchie with Slaughterhouse and Royal Flush.  His loyalty though was to the Cookout because the goal was important.  He felt that Big Brother needed to crown an African American winner.  He tried to be strategic and take “one” for the team (or several losses for the team).  For Xavier, trustworthiness was important.

Let’s not forget that Xavier made power moves.  He nominated and got Brent out.  He was four times on the block.  While he regretted losing Alyssa, he had to do it to keep the Cookout together to the final six.  He used Kyland to get Tiffany out and got Hannah out because she was Tiffany’s right-hand person.  During the final four, Xavier won both the HoH and the Veto which ensured that Kyland left.  Kyland was a threat, so he had to go.  Xavier shares that he lost his brother shortly before coming in the house.  He promised his brother that he would take care of his brother’s son.  He playing to have the money to do this.

Azah’s Road to the Final Three

Azah’s path wasn’t an easy one to the final three.  She came in and wanted to be strong but soon realized that it wasn’t going to be easy.  She realized the comps were hard and there were many big personalities in the house.  Azah realized that she needed social game and became part of alliances, the Jokers and Cookout.  Now, she is glad she didn’t win early comps because her “hands are clean.”  Keeping a low profile allowed Azah to build genuine relationships that will continue outside the house. 

Azah always wanted to be honest with people.  This honesty made her call-out fellow Cookout members when she didn’t agree with their game play (Tiffany and Derek X. stacking Britini’s cards so she lost).  Once the group had made the final six, Azah felt that she could serve as a role model for other PoC children and show them that they can be/do anything they set their minds to do.

Derek’s Road to the Final Three

Derek Frazier is the son of Smoking Joe Frazier, a famous boxer.  Derek came into the house to be dominant and “tear the house apart.”  He wanted to represent the PoC and the “big people” out in the world.  Derek knew he had to play a social game and make people laugh but he needed allies so he built those with Frenchie (who he loves) and Xavier (final two) and Kyland (final two).  His real best friend, though, was Azah, who he felt close to as a fellow Joker at first and a real friend as the game progressed. 

While Derek didn’t win competitions, he felt he didn’t need them because he could align with whoever was HoH.  He wanted to be the first “black winner of BB” (I typed that as he said it folks) and made the claim to forming the Cookout.  He saw his role as the one to keep them together and to hide the group from the other house guests outside of the alliance.  While he had arguments (with Tiffany), he did serve as the one to keep them together and running smoothly.  He evicted Kyland because Kyland became a target.  This and his personality should help Derek make it to the final two and win the show.  By the way he wants to win for him mom.

HoH Part One.

Each of the house guests are sitting on a “boat” (I see it as a float).  It works like a bouncing bull seen in bar movies. The game is called “Bounce Back Boat” with the final person on their boat winning part one.  While the boat rocks up and down/back and forth, the sea creatures rain down and water falls.  Derek gets hit by a plastic shark during the game.  Each find it hard to hold on.  Each is wondering how their play will influence final two.  Derek feels either of the other two would take him to the finals.  In Diary Room Derek refuses to leave anyone in charge of his game.  Xavier tells us he wants to win because it guarantees he will be in part three and he wants to win.  It won’t be easy and he has his work cut out for him.  Azah tells us she doesn’t want to “blow” this competition.  Derek has trouble, makes noise while playing, and is the first off.  While Azah is hanging on and wants to win, she’s the second one off.  Xavier wins part one. 

Azah and Big D will face off for part two and the winner will go against Xavier.  Azah feels she can go against Derek and beat him.  As the group get ready to go in, Derek starts playing with a toy shark.  Before you know it, Xavier is also.  In the house, Derek and Xavier shake and discuss the next stage.  Derek hopes to win the next comp and go against Xavier in part three.  Meanwhile Xavier thinks of the people who have left.  Azah and Derek discuss the game on the couch counting juror votes and apparently having a fight.  Even though they get mad, they get over it.  They give each other pep talks.  Azah tells us that she is nervous, and no one has her back.  She must win so she has a better chance of winning it all. 

On Wednesday, we will get a two-hour show.  It will be live and include the last comp live, jury with Kyland, and all coming back for the finale.  (Of course, comp two and jury will have to be taped).  Remember to vote for America’s Favorite House Guest and the $50,000 prize.  To vote, text the name of the house guest you want to win $50,000 by texting their name to 97979.    One vote per day (so no robo voting).

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