Riverdale – Witches of Riverdale?  Really?

Okay, before I get into this week’s episode, I need to ask the following question.  What was I watching last week, a Riverdale wedding or the “Game of Thrones” Red Wedding?  Granted I didn’t watch GoT all the way through but know enough that the carnage was bad on GoT.  At least on Riverdale, there was no blood but is everyone in Riverdale was a first born child of their parents and now are dead. I must admit, I admired the use of the plagues of Egypt.  Only missing two was amazing work.

Now on to this week’s episode and the questions they need to answer.  I’ll admit I saw the advance clip and know how Sabrina came back from the dead.  The real question lies in Jughead and Tabitha.  Tabitha is a time walker (see “Discovery of Witches” for a better description of this) with a guardian angel, Gabriel.  Pop’s is a sacred spot which is why Percival wants it destroyed by his train of evil, demonic minions.  How can she become a witch?  Does she need to approach her angel, Gabriel, about this?  Get a special dispensation.  Also with Sterling Jughead around, did he die as the first-born from the alt-universe? Hopefully all will be revealed with tonight’s episode.

When last we saw the living members of the gang, they were in shock at Babylonia.  Tabitha realized that Jughead was a first-born and ran out.  As the fans know, he died in his bed in the bunker but not before seeing “Sterling” Jughead standing nearby.

In the opening narration, the narrator tells about the funerals.  Guess who showed up, Percival and Frank!  Cheryl goes off on him as does the rest.  Frank shows no remorse for his nephew, Archie.  (And we thought Frank was good when he arrived for Fred’s funeral!)  Dr. Curdle has all the bodies of the heroes in his deep freeze (and not in graves).  Alice, in her usual cult-control mindset, blames the Serpents and Ghoulies gangs on the murders (of over half the town, really Alice!).  Guess only Riverdale was affected by the plague.  All are waiting at Blossom manor for Sabrina who doesn’t have long to do a “spell” to bring the others back.  No real mention about a “Sterling” Jughead yet.  Kevin wasn’t killed even as a first-born.  Kevin knows he’s in more danger from Percival than those who died. 

Let’s Get Pervical’s Story First

I’m not happy with this setup but I honestly can’t write about the devil last.  Percival is sharpening weapons with Reggie nearby.  While Reggie is sad his childhood friends are gone, Percival has wonderful news for him.  The stockholders have made Reggie owner of the casino since Ronnie is grieving. 

So Reggie opens the club to his dad who suddenly begins to win.  While that is going on, Percival, Frank and Tom go to get Kevin who plans to skip town.  With Kevin in a secured location, Percival tries his mind meld on Kevin but Kevin thinks of high school and blocks him out.  So Percival can’t find out the remaining gang’s plan.

Percival then decides that Kevin must die at the hand of Reggie. Hey, Percival has those special knives that we saw at the start of the episode.  Reggie will kill Kevin and Kevin’s young heart will go to Reggie’s daddy.  Let’s get this straight.  As of now, Kevin is good and has a backbone and Reggie is a lowlife out to kill a friend sinking deeper into hell.

Reggie takes his father to dinner and his father admits that he knows he doesn’t have long and is dying.  Mr. Mantle has faced his demons and admits to Reggie that he hasn’t been a good father.  Mr. Mantle wants to face his death and meet his destiny with dignity.

Reggie returns to Babylonia and has a surprise visitor, his conscious.  His conscious gives dummy (literally) a talking to and Reggie decides he now wants to be a hero.  He goes to Pop’s with his dad but Percival has figured out that Reggie has become “good.”  Frank, Tom and Percival take Reggie and his dad to the place where Kevin is.  Percival will use their deaths to warn the others not to mess with him.  Reggie has a plan though.  He has one of Percival’s knives.  He plans to kill Percival and be a hero. By the way, using a ventriloquist doll for Reggie was superb.  That’s all he has been since Percival came to town.  So now, we have at least two more heroes, someone willing to meet his destiny facing their deaths at Percival’s hands.

Sabrina and the Girls Work Their Magic

Basically, the rest of the show all ties together.  Ronnie, Betty and Tabitha are worried that Sabrina hasn’t called or come.  During this time, Betty has a future vision of her home life as Archie’s wife with a daughter and son who are just like their parents.  We also see the heavenly Riverdale’s version of Pop Tate’s.  We learn that Fangs and Toni have settle the war between the Serpents and the Ghoulies.  That’s all we have time for at the present as Sabrina finally arrives and is ready to work.

Sabrina explains that she came back to life because her boyfriend, Nick, gave his life for her.  He’s still in their hereafter, waiting for her.   What’s that about 12 years Sabrina – was that Nick?  Anyway, she needs a coven of six to perform the spell.  She has three so Ronnie, Tabitha and Betty need to become witches.  Betty points out they can’t but Sabrina has an answer for that.  They’ve already got powers.  They need to use them.

First order of business is that the three of them must sign their names into a book of witchcraft.  Then, they must perform a chant to Hectare.  They have a dance and drink.  Then Sabrina says they must do a trial run.  Betty volunteers to take her to the morgue and Sabrina asks if she has a broom (very little joke here folks).  While Sabrina thinks Archie is “super cute,” there is something about Jughead so they take his body back to Cheryl’s.  Sabrina is going to heaven ,\to get Jug to return.  Tabitha tells her to tell him she misses him.

Sabrina arrives at “heavenly” Pop Tate’s and Jughead is enjoying a burger while drawing cartoons for other characters.  Sabrina asks if she can join this Jughead who agrees.  He realizes she is a witch and asks Jughead to return.  He doesn’t want to return.  He’s happy where he’s at and gets all the hamburgers he wants. Jughead is living in the ideal Riverdale where nothing every happens.  So, what does Sabrina do?  She asks for a favor and returns not with Jughead but with Nick as Jughead (let’s call him NJ).  (Congratulations to Cole Sprouse for playing at least four characters now on Riverdale).

Sabrina has some explaining to do.  Jughead didn’t want to return but she needed Nick to help with Plan B.  Betty, Veronica, Tabitha and Cheryl must go to Riverdale heaven and talk their friends into returning. Nick stops Sabrina.  One of them can’t cross over.  Betty admits that she’s been named the “whore of Babylon” so Ronnie must go in her place and convince Archie to return.  When Ronnie agrees, the three lay down to “sleep” (die).  Nick casts the spell and all depart with coins on their eyes.  Cerberus leads the way with the girls having ghostly bodies.  As the girls try to bring the others back, Sabrina and Nick will go on a date. 

First visit is by Ronnie to Archie’s.  She has to explain that he died but it doesn’t surprise him.  They’ve defeated the evil in this version on Riverdale and he doesn’t want to leave.  Ronnie asks him to think about it.  He’s need to help with the fight for the real Riverdale.  Betty arrives as their talk ends and invites Ronnie to dinner but she declines.

Cheryl arrives at her destination to talk to Toni and Fangs.  Anthony is grown up and tells them that he plans to marry (so that must be the 12 years mentioned earlier).  When Cheryl asks them to return, neither Fangs or Toni believe her.  Fangs accuses her of only wanting to create chaos like she did at their wedding and Archie’s and Betty’s.  Cheryl tells Toni she has been a wonderful mother to Baby Anthony.

Cheryl must visit Nana at Blossom mansion.  Not only is Nana there, but also Jason and Polly with the twins.  They tell Cheryl that she can stay then Polly adds that she’s expecting triplets next time.  Cheryl starts crying and Nana knows something is up.  Cheryl leaves.

At Pop’s Tabitha arrives to talk to Jughead but he’s so happy signing comics.  She goes to the counter and a man appears beside her.  It’s Rafael, her guardian angel, this time in this place.  He has some things to tell her that she needs to know. 

Sabrina and NJ have a romantic dinner but are discussing his new body.  He knows he can’t stay and they discuss his original death.  He tells her that he doesn’t hate her and would give his life for Sabrina again.  As she starts to cry, NJ reminds her that witches don’t cry.  They go to the morgue and he prepares his second death by lying on  the table.  As doves arrive (to carry him back to his afterlife I guess), she kisses him and he’s gone.

Cheryl returns to find all back and learn that no one got their significant others to return.  That’s okay though for Sabrina has a Plan C (or is it D).  She senses an energy other than pyrokinetics in Cheryl.  It is the Power of the Phoenix.  Cheryl can cause others to be reborn!  Just like the Phoenix goes up in flames, Cheryl can use flames to rip the others others back.  Cheryl agrees and the room is set.  With the corpses around her, she works the spell.  In heavenly Riverdale, Archie gets hot and is burning up to Betty’s touch.  He has already realized he had to return.  Jughead feels like he is melting and returns as does Fangs and Toni (who realized something was wrong by looking at a photo album).  But Cheryl brings back more of her family.  Not only does she bring back Nana but Polly and Jason and Dagwood.  Oh no, she’s changed the course of reality.  (Thanks NoContext Riverdale on Twitter for helping with the boy, Dagwood.)  Sabrina leaes but tells Cheryl to be careful.

Meanwhile the returnees talk to those they have left behind.  Jughead and Tabitha talk.  He realizes he died and didn’t want to come back.  Suddenly, though, Jughead realizes he can hear but is still able to read thoughts.  He remembers seeing another Jughead in the bunker as he died.

Heather is meanwhile stunned by the return of Jason and Polly.  This won’t lead to anything good.  I’m seeing the Blossom comic “666” somehow coming into play.  Betty and Archie talk with Archie telling Betty about their heavenly life.  Ronnie, who is alone, gets a visit from Tabitha.  Tabitha says that it isn’t necessarily true that Betty and Archie are end game but this story ends that way.  In other visions, Ronnie and Archie are together.  The threesome still lives!

Toni and Fangs are with their baby and seem happy.  They don’t understand why Anthony didn’t die with the other first borns.  Tabitha comes in and explains the secret.  Baby Anthony is immortal.  He cannot die.  Toni wants to know how she learned this and Tabitha tells her about the angel.  That’s not all.  The angel has told Tabitha that she is Riverdale’s guardian angel.  Wait didn’t I say that during “Angel in America?”

Next week:  The episode is entitled “Return to Rivervale.”  Granted, I didn’t get much from the preview.  Who does unless we watch it 30 some times!  I did get that Jughead meets his Rod Sterling version and Archie must blow something up. 

And the questions are:  Does Polly and Jason’s return add to the army of Percival.  I’m thinking the answer is yes.

Does this mean that Jughead and Tabitha can never be together since she’s the angel of Riverdale.

Percival will meet his end but when and how?

Baby Anthony is special.  He’s an immortal.  How can/will this play out?  At least we know why Percy wants him.

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