Big Brother Week One – An Open Letter to CBS

(Note:  I know this is long and not a traditional recap but I’m doing Riverdale on Sunday.  Since the show started on a Wednesday, the weekly update will be Wednesday to Wednesday with the Thursday show starting the next recap.)

I did not take the live feed of Big Brother this year and I’m glad I didn’t.  First, this year’s cast is a let-down after last year’s cast.  Last year was all-stars from the start.  They were friendly.  They didn’t go out to gossip or destroy each other.  The alliances were made but did not intentional set out with one person in their sights.  Frenchie tried to be inclusive yet had to go back on his word and his apology was sincere.

Secondly, this year’s cast looks like someone had a “call-sheet” of characters that needed to be added.  They tried to cast the type of people from season 21 and before.  For year’s the cast has been one of of the most annoying things that fans have complained about.  And sometimes what comes out of their mouth show their bias and the fact that they use said bias to get house guests out.  Last year’s crew were the most friendly, most concerned cast for others feelings.  There were no noticeable clicks like the “Mean Girls” that are showing up this year.  And many of these contestants could pass for cousins.  I’m not going to try to call any contestant out unless they get on my last nerve (which most of these probably will).

That said, let’s get into the weekly series (and things I see questionably).

So with the premiere on July 6th, we find out the theme is BB Fest.  Now when I think of “Fest,” CBS, I think of a three day, music rich celebration.  So, this is definitely not a festival.  It looks to be a the poor carnival with a back stage con.  Let’s call it seedy.  The house is the BB Motel (but everyone doesn’t get a private room).  When the houseguests enter, they are put into three teams called “Port-a-Potty,” “Piercing”, and “Merchandise.”  One person, “Pooch,” gets the free ticket to be the “Back Stage Manager.” By the way CBS, I honestly think you need to look into this process.  The names and “games” came up relatively fast and could have been rigged.

During the HoH competition, I do feel sorry for the Port-a-Potty group.  I do hope that CBS or BB provided them with either replacement clothes or their outfits were costume (hopefully costumes).  In “Potty Party,” They got splashed with blue fluid during their event if they were last answering the question.  The Piercing tent and Merchandise group got off easy.  Piercing played “Piercing Panic” and had to attach “pieces” to their face.  “Merchandise” had to hang from a t-shirt (and that game was extremely short).

Now, it’s time for the HoH game to start.  It is called “Drumming for Power” and a drum must be assembled.  No big complaint here.  Daniel wins.  Both he and Pooch are safe from eviction this week.  Daniel, as HoH, will have the room and nominate two to go up for eviction. Pooch, as backstage manager (think carnie), gets to pick three houseguests as backstage workers who can’t play in the Power of Veto game or vote but can be sent home.  This is great but as backstage workers (Paloma, Brittany, and Alyssa), they should have had some special “chores” to do.  Instead, they seem to run their mouths.  And who did Daniel assign to “have nots.”  The volunteers (yes, volunteers) were  Joseph, Michael, Monte and Kyle.

Sunday’s show is the usual meet and greet (and boring as usual).  Note to Big Brother and CBS, isn’t it too early for alliances.  I know you can’t control these, but it does get annoying when they run and become part of ten alliances on the first day.  You know I said I wouldn’t talk about contestants but I have to say this.  I don’t like Paloma and Alyssa calling Taylor “Pageant Girl.”  And Paloma has proven herself to be a Mean Girl when she starts setting Taylor up for eviction because she’s always “hanging with the guys.”  Of course, that’s not the excuse but that’s what they show as the reason on the television.  If you don’t want Twitter to reveal the truth, drop the live feeds (which will definitely end the show).  Both Twitter and fans were upset with NBC’s Today show dealing with the real reasons Taylor is the target.  Paloma has been seen on live-feeds spreading rumors about Taylor talking about people.  This is going back to season 21 and wasn’t liked.  (See NBC’s Today show

In the HoH Ceremony, Daniel nominates Terrace and Michael.  He tells them that he didn’t want to nominate them but they just hadn’t really “spoken” to Daniel.  He adjourns the group and in Diary Room, Daniel tells us that he wants Michael out.  (Please stop with the filler, CBS and BB.  You could save a night of programming by giving us less shows with more details.)

Wednesday, July 13, saw the usual scramble CBS.  All the fans that follow spoilers (or those who provide them) know who won the POV and figured out who would go up.  Honestly, I’m not upset with this knowledge but wish the “powers that be” would realize that all these guests have big mouths.  Oh, and the narration takes much too long away from the show.

Daniel claims to be a superfan as does Michael.  If they are superfans, they just haven’t realized how superfans are sometimes the first to go.  The game changes as personalities meld and situations develop.  Paloma is working her strategy for herself first then the girl alliance.  At least Alyssa realizes the backstage girls can still go up.  Also, why do they always use the term “pawn?” Wouldn’t scapegoat be better?

Whoops, I guess you forgot not to warn them about being too flashy or fashion forward.  Either the others get jealous or fans get the wrong impression.  If they were told, I guess Taylor didn’t get the memo.  Also, CBS, you need to work on the sound.  I know how sound works and even though they’re talking low to each other, you can change it for broadcast. 

The Veto competition plays such an important role but enthusiasm is lacking by Daniel, the HoH.  I guess there will be no question of the names in the box.  CBS, you should show all the remaining names to keep it legit.  Daniel chooses Indy.  Michael has Turner and Terance gets Ameera.  At least Michael psychs himself up thinking of her favorite players.  The game will be centered on a medieval theme with food and drink for the non-participants.  Paloma looks bored while eating a turkey leg.  The MC is trying (and I mean trying) to do an accent but fails.  I can’t tell you what he said the name was but the theme is jousting.  The ones with the most rings in a three ride match wins.  The horses look like adult rocking horses that run on a track.  Let’s just say, Islay wins against Turner, Ameerah against against Terrance, and Michael against Daniel.  Daniel isn’t happy because if Michael win, Daniel gets “blood on his hands.”  To no one’s surprise, CBS, Michael wins.  Daniel now has to name a renom. 

Of course, we knew what would happen CBS.  The “Mean Girls” club meets, and it seems like they suspect the guys are targeting the girls.  When Taylor arrives, all seem to go quiet but does question the guys behavior.  Taylor doesn’t quite realize how the “Mean Girls” club works.  Paloma, as the leader admits in Diary Room, that she doesn’t think Taylor fits and will ruin her game.  Thus the lies and the rumors start with Paloma’s lies and tears.  The others don’t know what to believe but with Paloma always in their ears.  We get it.  Her talk got Taylor up. Since Daniel says the house wants Taylor gone, she’s going up and does.  At least he tells her face to face.  CBS, I think I speak for many fans.  After the good cast last year, why did we get this sideshow this year.  There are some with potential, but there are some that do not deserve the screen time they are being given.  Also, while the comps are cute, the equipment (like jousting lances) look like a float toy from the swimming pool.  (By the way, isn’t there a water shortage.)  So, where did the budget go.  Certainly not into the house or the first comps.  Also, you need to check and see if all players did the diversity training.  I’m just not seeing it!

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