Big Brother 24 — Special Update Edition for Thursday Night, July 14, 2022

As I mentioned last night, I will not be recapping each show in the series on CBS.  I am covering Riverdale and it won’t end until the end of July.  I honestly am thinking of doing it as a weekly letter to CBS as to how to fix the show but tonight, I will focus on what they show on television of the drama that went down in the house last night.

Reports are that the feeds got killed around the same time as the show on the East Coast ended Wednesday.  I trust the group of recappers I read, and I honestly had problems with the Paramount+ so I dropped it.  I have too much on my plate to watch the feeds.  But nights like last night are the reason I liked them.  For some reason (whether production or Paloma herself), she went into the Diary Room and disappeared.  She was seen on Tuesday night spending long periods of time in the Diary Room and there was speculations that she would leave.  Apparently, it is true.  She left and no one really knows why so we wait for the live show and hopefully find out.  I just happened to check Twitter before bed and got caught up in reading of the drama.

CBS, if you are reading this, please correct Julie Chen Moonves.  She said that the live feeders who dedicate hours to the show influenced the attitudes inside the house.  My question to  Julie, Big Brother and CBS is this:  How can these dedicated feeders be influencing the gamers based on  observations when the house is cut off from the outside world?  And Julie, I believe in God but I know that people must face their actions so the “interviews” you did today offended me and many others.  Polite society know how to treat people who are hurting.

Tonight, CBS Julie opens with “expect the unexpected” but do we need narration.  Everyone turning in wants dirt – er – I mean information about last night.  (This recap has always gotten on my last nerve.)  Let’s be honest.  Paloma may have started telephone but Monte made the first connection.  The game spread due to a misunderstanding of Monte.

Julie welcomes us and the first thing is the Backstage twist.  It has changed.  Instead we go back to the recap and that the reason he gave Taylor hurt more (being unwelcomed).  Paloma is getting an edit that she is the schemer (which is probably right).  She comes across as being able to lie and maniplate people but seem sincere.  Taylor tells us she likes Paloma but  loma doesn’t have Taylor’s best interest at heart.  Taylor goes on a fact-finding trip and all roads lead to Monte then Paloma.  Can we say the other houseguests are covering their tracks (why, I don’t know).  CBS, you need to add something here to protect against this.  I know lying is part of the game play but Monte and Paloma took it too far.  It needs to be stopped before character assassination happens.

Forget the alliance story (it will all change) get to the nitty-gritty we tuned in for tonight.  Are they trying to make Paloma the villain?  All of them carry blood on their hands.  No matter what Julie says, there will be questions that they need to answer after the show.  Also, forget the backstage plotting.  No one knows where that is going.  And at the 9:19 point, I am only hearing yadda, yadda, yadda and could care less. 

Julie finally announces that we are getting to why the departure (scary, did she say?).  Julie says the house can be challenging.  Paloma talks about not sleeping (only 2 to 4 hours a night)  She’s in the Diary Room talking of being exhausted.  She is presented as so wrapped up in the game that is all she thinks about.  She mentions delusions and think her mental health is suffering (the others agree).  CBS, this is a first.  The houseguests encourages her to seek help and Paloma goes to the Diary Room where she cries and sleeps.  Finally, Daniel calls all to the living room for an announcement.  He tells all that Paloma has left the game for personal reasons.  She loves all of them and all breaks down.  Monte offers a pray for Paloma and asks that America not judge her.  (First, Big Brother and CBS!  A change to the contract they sign please.  Put a note that the second they enter the house, their actions and words will be judged on social media and the news.  Even NBC wrote about this.)   

Julie wishes Paloma well.  Now, we learn that Brittany is safe by fan votes by fans but with Paloma out of the game, the show has changed.  We go to the living room and Julie tells all it has been an emotional week.  Paloma left for “personal reasons.”  This week, five were in jeopardy of going home.  The original plan would not have had a vote and then the one “evicted” would battle the backstage losers over eviction.  No vote on who would leave because the loser of the contest would go home.  The backstage twist was to send one home but not necessarily a nominee.  Since Paloma has left, everything changes.  The Backstage twist is gone.  Alyssa and Brittany are safe.  The nominees are safe.

Julie announces the game continues with the battle for HoH.  All are told to go outside.  The game will be in the backyard and the power is up for grab.  Daniel can’t play.  They must leave the backstage area for a new festival.  Only seven can go to the new backstage.  Seven races occur.  If they win a race, they may be HoH.  It’s called “Bye, Bye Backstage.”  They must race across an obstacle course.  They must reach a stage and hit the buzzer.  Daniel draws the names.  The ones competing for HoH (later) will be Michael (beat Pooch), Taylor (beat Alyssa), Joseph (beat Indy), Ameerha (beats Brittany), Jasmine (beat Terrance) (Jasmine is down, she’s hurt in the ankle area), and Kyle (beat Turner).  The last contestants both have trouble with the course but Monte beats Nicole. Julie announces another twist next Thursday.  So will this really be a regular week?  CBS, make sure Jasmines gets proper medical care).  And I’m out until next Thursday (unless major developments happen).

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